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Are most people here developers?

A topic by Chocky created Dec 20, 2016 Views: 319 Replies: 11
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hey. I might start using this forum more. Just wondering if people here are mostly developers or gamers (or both).


I think are both? I am, well I am gamer before a developer :)

cool. only one reply. guess it's quiet on here.

I'm both :)

I'm a developer

I'm just a gamer. Generally browsing for games to play on my channel.


I'm a developer. And judging by what I can see when looking at user profiles, many if not most of us seem to try their hand at gamedev at least once. Which is only natural for people who play and love games.

I'm both.


Developer. This site is great for showcasing a hobby portfolio.

I think most developers would consider themselves gamers in one way or another :P Was a gamer when I first discovered this site, and I still love playing all the awesome funky games released here daily.

me also both