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General Feedback and Suggestions Sticky

A topic by Rystech created Nov 13, 2016 Views: 489 Replies: 20
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Please post any feedback or suggestions you have here.

uhm...no save slots?

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Save points are currently in our development version and will be pushed in a patch later today along with some tweaks to the demo. We've been working a lot on building the core game play based on feedback so unfortunately they've taken a bit longer than planned but its being tested right now so should be good to go very soon.


Just pushed an update with the new autosave feature.

I found it frustrating that I couldn't walk through bushed in the forest, yet I could kick over large table and such in the castle. I also noticed that while I personally didn't have too much trouble navigating, someone who maybe isn't so familiar with this type of game could have a lot of trouble figuring out where they're supposed to go, the "transition points" to the next rooms aren't very obvious.


Thanks for the feedback, Room exits are defiantly something that needs working on and is something we have talked about before. As for bushes, at the moment we use them to help keep the player on track and keep them from wandering too far off the path in the forest levels. however we could maybe do with making them look a little more formidable and impassable to better communicate that.

This is a really good game, i used a gamepad however and I had a very hard time in a few time sensitive situations with trying to aim. Side note, i rarely, very rarely, used the shield, fire, and wind. It was just a guilty pleasure gibbing enemies against walls and mowing over many enemies with a rock or something. The final boss was actually a pain to deal with, but a very satisfying challenge. I would like to see another game like this with more things going on magic-wise. Thanks for the experiance.


Glad you enjoyed it.

Our plans right now are to raise enough funds to work full time on a full game or failing that continuing the full game part time so you'll definitely be seeing a lot more magical ways to turn a knight into gibs in the future. We are currently aiming for pc so the main focus is on keyboard and mouse but we will be taking a look at tightening up controllers as we continue development.

I have noticed a few people tend to not make much use out of the flamethrower, wind and shield spells and i was wondering if you felt they were underpowered/lacking or if you just enjoyed the other spells more?

For starters, the wind is vastly under powered and unnecessary in most of the game, however the parts that needed this the most obviously where the "Trials" such as the flamethrower section where you have to walk toward the fire in order to proceed. Other uses where to extinguish fire pits (or burning bodies i assumed) to prevent bumbling into them and also to keep flaming arrows off of you. The shield would have been useful if it didn't suck all your mana like the missiles did, in many situations i had to forfit defense for offense becuase of this. The flames where useful in that it did keep some enemies at a safe distance and combine this with telekinesis and woot! flaming crates and such! I did notice something odd however, some of my spells would occasionally be super powerful, like a "crit cast" i suppose, for example i'll fling a rock and suddenly it moves like a rocket leaving a flame trail behind it. It may have been happenstance but i'm sure you can confirm whether or not that was programed in. I did have an issue with the mana pool however, but i believe that was intentional to provide a challenge to the player seeing as mana goes quick and takes awhile (what seems like forever in combat) to get back. Also i think the blue potions, as rare as they are, should give more to the player, like amp up spells such as shooting 3 missiles instead of one or making them home in on enemies, wind becomes a tornado or just a lethal knock back, fire would gust out all around the player instead of just a gout, but these are some suggestions for blue potion.


Hi, there isn't anything like a 'crit cast', but rocks sometimes catch fire for reasons I'm still not entirely sure of. :)

Thanks for all the feedback, it's very useful.

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Oh you are more than welcome, I loved this game overall, I also love offering up constructive critique rather than flaming/trolling peeps I don't know. This game/demo (i was secretly hoping it was just a demo and the trailer confirmed it X3) is an excellent first impression quite honestly. Keep up the stellar work you guys! You have my full support!


Thanks! It is much appreciated.

There wasn't a comments section on the game page so I'll let you know here.

This was awesome!


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Just beat the game. The final boss was tricky but I did it! Great work, loved the puzzles, the art, music, physics, story, everything!


Thanks a lot, we're glad you liked it!

balanced difficulity ,great contral feeling  

some feedback:

  • sound effect are wired sometime (ex: mess footstep ,do nothing but trigger sfx of explosion ...)
  • it is uncomfortable that player can't get through some small staff (ex: pot ,chair...) 

btw, stuck in loop maze at castle don't know how to get through.



I will look into the footsteps. It's quite common to hear objects breaking offscreen if they have been on fire for awhile.

I'll also look into making lighter objects easier to push aside.

Which maze do you mean by the 'loop maze'? The fire maze loops around on itself because you are intended to grab the key and then return to the main hall. The garden maze will loop you back to the start unless you follow the clues.

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

How to get past the last magical locked door in the portal area?

Are there 2 keys in the maze forest? I found one but it only opened one door in the hall room, and the second door is locked too. The only other place I can go is the portal maze, and I can't open the last door.
I've been trying for hours

I'm not too good at this type of game, but I played it because the art and animation style impressed me so much. Also the interactivity with environment aspect is extremely fun and cool. Can you help out a mystery-game-newb?


Hey dude. I'm pretty sure you're the person who messaged me elsewhere, but if not:

You get the second key after the last portal door. Getting it open requires some careful positioning, but you can kind of see it being done in the trailer.

Thanks for the compliments.

It's been a while since you made the demo for us to play. Is there any roadmap for a longer release?