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Hello, I'm currently re-drawing all the art in the new style.

And I'm doing it in layers to allow for a better clothing system:

I'll make a proper blog about it when I've got more finished animations to show, hopefully soon. Thanks for checking in.

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The bug is what causes the game to run slowly. It should be running at a solid 60 frames per second, and it will play in slow motion if it doesn't. From the sounds of things your game is running at a lower FPS than it should. The gameplay gifs on this page should give an idea of how fast the game is meant to look.

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Since you're still having that problem, could you help me test a possible fix?

Someone has made a .dll that might fix the problem for all games that use the same engine. Just download DGBHELP.dll and place it in the First Cut folder. If I can confirm that this .dll fixes the problem then I will release an update that includes it.

Hi, sorry for the confusion. I updated the top of the game description with some news about the project. I've got a bit of an overhaul in the works but I'm not ready to show anything yet.

Hi, there's a pretty common bug that makes the game run slower than it should (around 30-45fps rather than 60fps). It sounds like your game is now running at the intended speed. Are you on Windows 10?

Hi, I sent you a message on artstation.

Thanks, moving forward I plan to add a tutorial.

Hi, a shader crash is usually related to your DirectX installation. Check the troubleshooting section above for a link to a common fix.

Hi, a shader crash is usually related to your DirectX installation. Check the troubleshooting section above for a link to a common fix.

Hi, thanks for all the kind words and the rating. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Hi, thanks for all the detailed feedback. Moving forward with the game we're basically on the same page, most of your ideas sound right in line with my own thoughts. I love KOF / SNK stuff too so I'm definitely aspiring to have some really nice backgrounds and atmosphere. I always appreciate being compared to the masters. :)

I really love the way you edited this, thanks for your support.

Hi, it's Game Maker Studio 1 (GML).


Thanks, that's really nice (I loved Sekiro). I'll hopefully start expanding it soon.

Thanks for playing :)


Great video, I always love seeing friends playing together.

Thanks, I'll hopefully be expanding the game soon.

I've often heard it compared to Bushido Blade for ps1, or Barbarian from 1987, although I've only seen those games in videos.

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Hey, thanks for your support as always. Grindologist and I have been talking and things are looking optimistic for the game. It'll still be a while before the game has been polished and packaged, but when it does I'll be sure to make it available anywhere I can - including on Itch and hopefully GOG.

Hey man, that's an outrageously generous offer and I really appreciate all your support for my work. I'm a little busy right now with a freelance art commitment but I'd like to think it over carefully and discuss it further with you soon. Is there a place I can message you?

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Hi, I'm not sure what else to suggest but you could try opening the options file and changing:

'VertexBufferMethod=1' to 'VertexBufferMethod=2', or trying the 'AlternateSyncMethod'.

I've also heard mouse/controller drivers can cause problems like this so I'd suggest seeing if unplugging / changing ports has any effect.

Finally I'd suggest googling the same problem for games like Nuclear Throne and Undertale because they use the same engine and those games are much better documented than mine.

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Hi, "D3DXCompile" is a DirectX error. It seems that your installation of DirectX is still causing you problems. I'd suggest re-installing.

Hi, the game should be running at a stable 60fps. There are some technical issues that can cause slowdown, check the troubleshooting section and also Xachler's post below.

That's too bad. It could be that an anti-virus or something is scanning it in realtime and slowing it down. I created this game in the same engine as Nuclear Throne, Undertale/Delta-Rune and Hotline Miami 1 and I understand that the same problem occasionally affects those games too. Searching for solutions to the same problem in those games might help anyone still struggling.

Hi, I heard recently that this can happen with Nvidia cards if you have G-sync turned on.

Hey, thanks so much for your support. This is a big help and I really appreciate this gesture. You're the man.

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Hi, does it give you an error message? The usual reason for that crash is a missing DirectX update (see the troubleshooting section above the download), but the game can also be false-flagged by an anti-virus.

The game also seems to check for these installations:

VisualStudioDir=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat
WindowsSDKDir=C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1

It might be worth checking those locations although I'm not very knowledgeable about how it works.

If the game is running slowly it might be the old 'SleepMargin' issue. Check the troubleshooting section. I'm pretty sure I'd already changed that setting in the 2019 version but I forgot to tweak it again when I compiled the new one.

Hey man, thanks again for the detailed feedback. I'm glad you both like it.

It sounds like the changes are working as intended but I'll be considering how they might be improved.

When the background changed, was it to one of the blood backgrounds? I'm pretty sure those are set up to be truly random, so they'll show up 1/100 times regardless of stage settings.

Fatigue is intended to only affect counters by half, but I noticed earlier I fudged the implementation of that so another hotfix is coming.

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I just pushed a hotfix to fix the menu. I also added that UI arrow you requested, it slipped my mind the other day.

I read your other message and I'm glad she's having fun with it. I always intend for this game to be easy to learn and feel intuitive, so comparing your two experiences is very valuable. I'm curious how fatigue will affect your matches since it was intended to work somewhat under the hood to balance things subtly rather than work like a typical stamina bar system or something.

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Hey man I'll check out that fullscreen bug soon. I changed the way the game restarts itself so that would explain things.

The fatigue system is a work in progress but the idea is:

Blocking is fairly lenient (the timing window is giant) and doing so allows you to counter. Every time you attempt a counter you need to block, so it's a trade-off every time you try to catch them with a quick counter slash. The Master AI is almost perfect at blocking so I thought there should be a way to soften up a defensive opponent and force them to mix it up in order to maintain their offensive capabilities.

Since blocking builds fatigue, dodging is now a riskier way to defend while avoiding any fatigue, and shoving is now more useful. Furthermore dodging causes your opponent to miss their swing, making them fatigued instead.

Fatigue goes up to a maximum of 10, and is reduced in 16-frame increments (about 1/4 of a second). So a recovery from full fatigue takes just over 2 seconds and will gradually reduce itself whenever your movement is free.

I'm happy to hear anyone's thoughts on the system since it's a new attempt to balance some of the moves in the game into a tactical whole. Thanks for your support and all the feedback too.

Hey, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Does the game give you an error message? From what you mentioned it sounds like it could be an anti-virus blocking the game or a problem with DirectX. Do other games work okay?

Hey man, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Thanks for writing all this, it's always encouraging when someone has had fun with one of my projects. I actually created this game so my friend and would have another fighting game to play so it's great you're enjoying the multiplayer.

I appreciate your thoughts on the future of the project too and my intention is to someday create a more polished variant for a commercial release. I'd ideally like to get some kind of online working first though.

Those changes sound easy enough to fix up and I'll try to address them sooner than later this time around. I had a small patch planned months ago with some extra control options but I ran into a few technical issues that roadblocked me. I've been working very hard on a singleplayer project that will hopefully be ready to demo soon and that has been eating all my time lately.

Hey man, thanks for putting this together. I might give it a shot myself.

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Hi, that's not normal. The game works by locking your real mouse to the center of the window (to stop clicking outside the window and losing focus) and it checks for any attempts to move it up or down and applies them to the game-cursor. If it keeps drifting then you might have a mouse problem, a driver problem, or some weird conflict I didn't account for.

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Hi man, thanks for writing this up.

Purity was a design goal from the start so I'm really glad you picked up on that. I wanted to make a game that was easy to learn and felt intuitive, but with a high skill ceiling.

You're right about the Master AI, that one is borderline a joke of mine since I wanted to make an insane challenge. The AI works via a series of timers that determine the frame on which it is allowed to act, and the higher those timers the easier it is to beat. Without the timers the AI can pretty much counter you perfectly and defeating it becomes more about finding blind-spots in my own code. I think the master can respond to any threat or opportunity within like 4 frames or something.

I initially made this game so I could have something new to play with a friend, but once I put it online I found the vast majority of players didn't have the setup for local co-op and instead fought the computer, which led to a few new features like the survival mode and a few AI re-writes. Designing AI for this game is tricky because of the simple design - you find one single mistake and punish it, and so the AI needs to make enough mistakes to feel fair without falling for the same tricks every single time. It's why some AI fights can go on for so long and feel spammy as you try to find the sweet spot, and why the lower difficulties are so easy to beat. I could probably add some kind of new system under the hood like 'pressure', to make the AI gradually make more mistakes if you are aggressive.

>What sort of tweaks or game play changes have you had on your mind lately in terms of combat ?

Currently I've got a mini-update in the works after a long hiatus. Someone below asked for keyboard-only multiplayer the other day and I remembered I'd already promised that like a goddamn year ago, so that feature is coming soon, along with some improvements to keyboard-only controls in general. I'll probably add a new background or something too since I like to have some eye-candy with each update, even if it's small.

In the long run I'm not totally sure. The game has always been a hobby of mine, which is a great way to develop since there's no stress and no pressure to update a game everyone plays for free. It really helps to prevent burnout which has happened to several of my projects before. The bad part is that updates are inconsistent, but as a result the updates I do make are driven by pure inspiration and every time I think I'm done with it, I end up coming back with some little piece of tech I suddenly want to add.

I guess the shove might need some work? I don't have a lot of data on how useful it actually is for players but it seems like a fairly risky maneuver at times and whenever the AI does it and misses you've basically got a free kill.

>Will there ever be mod tools to inject things like custom stages or music?

GMS isn't really equipped for traditional modding, but you got me thinking I might be able to add a custom background/music folder and load content from there. The background one would theoretically be quite easy to make and I could add a template image in the folder to establish the ground level, resolution, etc.

>Will there be a way to save color options ?

Sure, I could add that to the current ini that autosaves. I was thinking for the longest time I'd like to tweak the colour options anyway since everyone seems to default to the hottest pinks and most nuclear greens and it hurts my soul to look at it.

>Will there be alternative control layouts ?

In the short term I mentioned the new keyboard options. I'd like to add custom keybinds but I'll have to gut the main menu and start from scratch. It's a mess of spaghetti code right now and changing setup stuff is a complete nightmare. Just adding a couple more pre-set schemes was bad enough.

>What do you think of a short and quick stab attack that is triggered by holding that back button ? That would be a fourth attack that is faster and shorter ranged than the Low Vertical Attack but is also blocked by neutral sword height.

It's worth a thought. As MajorFlop mentioned, I always saw katanas as slicing weapons without any use for thrusts, but I was also thinking that a thrust with a katana would still slice along it's edge. I'll mull it over (probably for a good long time).

>Would you be okay with a First Cut reddit ?

Of course, though I'm not so sure it'd get much traffic. :)

>Would you consider using Rollback Netcode and GGPO for online matches ?

I'd love to, but I don't know the first thing about network programming and the game would need re-written to account for delta-time and all the latency-management stuff that goes with networking. If I ever did get that far you could be sure that I'd put the game on Steam and actually try to promote it instead of just letting it sit on here.

Thanks buddy.

Hi, I'm impressed! This fits the vibe really well and it's like a more fast-paced take on what I attempted with the stock tracks. I'm currently busy with another project right now but we could talk about more tracks sometime later in the future.

Please feel free to use footage for your video.