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I will look into the footsteps. It's quite common to hear objects breaking offscreen if they have been on fire for awhile.

I'll also look into making lighter objects easier to push aside.

Which maze do you mean by the 'loop maze'? The fire maze loops around on itself because you are intended to grab the key and then return to the main hall. The garden maze will loop you back to the start unless you follow the clues.

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot, we're glad you liked it!

Thanks! It is much appreciated.

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Thanks! Glad you like it.

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Great! I'm glad it worked, I hope you enjoy the game.


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This is very mysterious. I had my friend who also runs Windows 10 launch the game just to be sure I hadn't made an error somewhere, but it launched fine for him. I think that rules out your OS and your specs.

This is a shot in the dark, but the folder should contain a file called 'options.ini'. You could try opening this in notepad and changing the line 'VertexBufferMethod=1' to 'VertexBufferMethod=2' which is the 'most compatible' option.

Has your antivirus or your firewall said anything about the game?

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Your specs are all fine, so our best guess is that something on your end is preventing it from launching.

Are you sure your antivirus isn't putting it in quarantine or something like that?

We haven't encountered this problem before so please bear with us.

Hi, there isn't anything like a 'crit cast', but rocks sometimes catch fire for reasons I'm still not entirely sure of. :)

Thanks for all the feedback, it's very useful.

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Hi, do you have an anti-virus running? What are your computer specs?

Just pushed an update with the new autosave feature.

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The trees are constructed out of a few layers, each with slightly more parallax as it gets taller.

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Fixed, it'll be in the next update sometime soon.