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I can't open it mate

My hype meter rn 📈📈📈

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I used a ps4 controller but this will also work with any other kind of external device, here's what you do:

1- Connect your controller to your computer via bluetooth or cable

2- Open steam and activate big picture mode

3- Go to settings → Controller → Controller settings and make sure your controller has been identified(I recomend naming it so you can recognize it more easily)

4- Go back to Controller → Base Configurations → Desktop Configurations

5- From there you can now customize and set the buttons according to the First Cut controller scheme you are using.

If you want a more visual aid I found this video helpful: 

Hope this helps, best of luck

If this appearsWindows SmartScreen Alert | SecureW2

Press More info and then run anyway should appear below and pressing that should let you run the game.

If you meant something else, try specifying your problem a bit more and maybe I or someone else can find a solution. Hope this helps.

I wasn't refering to special abilities, I personnaly think that's a bit much, if not,  a vissual change.

Essentially when you do multiple attacks rapidly, you or your sword could get a red aura to represent rage but it has no benefit, it's just an appearence changer but I see why some may not like that. 

Well, he wants to finish it before making it public so it isn't a buggy mess, he will leave the free version up though.

Also, unless your parents are super strict they'll let you get it. Grindologist(Drasnus's "payer") actually said that it'll be super afordable and pretty much inexpensive.

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Well yes, you have a point but it's still a  prototype, quoting Drasnus: A small fighting game started in 2017.

It's currently more of a barebones version but Drasnus's working a Premium version which he'll release on steam idealy around november-december. You can see the progress he has made in the art passes, which is actually really impresive(It's right above the comment section).

So, with time, we'll get a nice, polished and refined game and I bet you it's gonna be worth the wait.

PS: sorry for the repition, I forgot I told you about the artpasses before

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I mean, practice really does makes "perfect", I usually try to play the game as much as possible in my free time during classes and I've gotten quite good, to the point where I've gone from almost giving up on the game because I didn't understand how to even dodge, to the point where I have beaten the Master 100-65 at a quite consistent rate.

It just takes practice and learning the algorithem. Just make sure that before you advance in difficulty, you are profficiant in beating your current opponent. If you can barely beat the current AI, you're most definetly not ready for the next one.

(Heads up: Fighting the Master AI is not practice so you can then go fight your friends, the AI has a pattern you can memorise. You can't anticipate what a person does like you can a program. So try doing both, fighting your friends and the AI so you can get the best of both worlds). Hope this helps :)

You're not tripping, you just have to dodge with your sword looking down so you're invulreable to side, and upward attacks, but the ai tries to switch do an attack from above, switch stances to counter.

For the low fps, check Drasnus's solution, I'll copy and paste it here for ease of use:

The game is running at half-speed (30-40fps consistently, feels sluggish and slow):

Try opening the options.ini file in notepad and changing 'AlternateSyncMethod' to 1.

You can also try running the exe in compatibility mode.

Also try installing Visual C++ 2012 x86 and x64.

And finally, turn on visable fps so you can see if it's the fatigue or just your computer. Also, it's buggy because it's more of a demo or initial version of the game, if you check the update logs you'll see Drasnus is constantly working on the new version. Hope this helps :)

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Drasnus, this looks amazing, my friends are reading this beside me and we're really impressed, the flooded effect looks outstanding, outright breathtaking and implementing a tutorial was much needed

Would also love to see if you're working on any flashy skins or a change in appearence in battle, like if you do multiple attacks rapidly maybe you could get a red aura around your character like a rage effect but I'm just spitballing.

Also, if it's a multiplayer match and someone leaves mid-game, is an ai going to take over or were you thinking of a cool death animation like seppuku?

Well, looking foward to the addition of a discord server. Best of luck :)

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Currently the art passes are our only form of insight besides the comments left, a discord would be awsome but it would take time to set up so let's see what they decide to do

So, hey again, I updated my original comment but thought if I included the vid there, it would just be too big and distracting(like if the 16 paragraphs didn't do that already) so I'll just show it here:

- A possible map could be a dojo with katanas, shurikens, nunchucks, sais and stuff like that on the wall, and maybe an old bamboo spining fan on the cieling, I found an image that goes great with what i was thinking but, I couldn't make the forground work so I just said fck it and deleted it all togethor but that didn't work either so could you consider fixing it or making it easier to implement in the premium version?(consider, I tried making it work for like 40 minutes without any luck so, yeah...)

As you can see, the blood doesn't splatter correctly and there's a little space between the feet and "ground" but I guess that doesn't matter.

Here's the image if you want to use it as a reference or whatever:

Here's the link just in case:

Dojo background | Anime background, Dojo, Anime scenery

(It actually automatically pixilated when entering the game so that's pretty dope)

In regards to the penalties to players, you said you'll be removing that and implementing a new feature in where depending on the position of the sword it will change how fast the attack is executed, could you expand more on this cause, when you finish an attack your sword pretty much teleports to the position you're holding it in so it wouldn't really matter? Now, if you are saying that it'll take more time for the sword to go into that position, it'll make you completly vulnerabal to attacks since you won't be able to block in sufficient time. I ask you this now because, you've already gone over this in log two, and I thought you weren't going to repeat what you already explained.

Hey Drasnus, I'm so happy you replied and liked the near miss idea, my friend actually came up with it and thought it should be included. I saw a user by the name Grindologist and he was responding people's questions, do you know him? On that note he said the game will be on steam, is it true?

I'm sorry for the long texts, I'm just so hyped and exited and am trying to keep up with all the incredible stuff you're doing, btw, the water effect on the players robe's was so dope, me and the guys just flipped when we saw that

If you ever feel the need to include something but don't know what, be free to come back to my comment, I edit and update my comment everytime I think of something knew.

Never thought of myself as the type of person to get exited seeing a creator responding to my post but the game really is unique and most definetly going in the right direction so I'm really hyped

Well, thanks for the update and I'm so psyched to see the newest log, doing great stuff man, take care

try one of his suggestions one the first cut main page, scroll down and you should see a suggestion that's crossed out, a bit lower is your solution

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Mate, this is just incredible, me and my friends play the original game really often and the second it releases we're gonna buy it.

Only recomendations I would like to see in a further update also i'll edit this comment every now and then if I think of something cool but here goes:

- Don't change the name, it's already perfect but if you do try not too stray to much

- Make more blood maps, the only one's i remember being blood maps at the moment are water fall, field,  and outskirts(I think). but don't make them more frequent, if not, it'll lose it's special feeling when finding it

- (more of a question) What are you planning on doing with the custom map, it's pretty much blank, or is that the point?

- Try not to make the fighting system too complicated, of course I'd like more features but not something super complicated like a mortal combat style, maybe something a tad bit less complex than brawlhalla

- Thinking of brawlhalla, you could add a light attack and heavy attack but thinking of it now, it might stray away too much from what the game originally was so maybe not a great idea, idk, think about it

- Could you add a stamina bar, or at least the option in the setting for it to appear, sometimes me and my friends find ourselves doing is getting slower because we're blocking to much or hitting air(Didn't know it was a feature till a few months back when I read you're game description).

- On the subject of settings, more options would be nice(if i think of anything else i'll edit the comment):

Disabling gore completly, meaning, no blood nad when you kill someone they just fall instead of getting dimembered(for those players you don't really like the gory stuff)

- Maybe a little message when you cut someone in 4 sections, I find it enjoyable when I get to cut off a players arms, then cut him in half and then slice off his head so it'd be nice if something like shish kabob, or sushi appear(names are still in the works) cause it's not really that easy to do, so it would be kinda cool

- On very rare occasions, could a special animatian apear like:

when you slice someone from above maybe it'll split them in half

(something that happens quite often) When you've just done a nuetral attack and the katana is still in the outright position, sometimes, my oponent might run into it so i'd be cool if the head just spearate from the body but stayed on the sword

when you do an attack from above and it connects, the katana could get imbeded into the skull, like 1/3 through and then the character removes the katana and the body just falls

- I believe the option to pick multiple weapons so the player would have to be proficiant with all of them so they can know the attacks. Also, please make them balanced cause for one player to just be super proficiant with only one weapon that's OP would suck, we want the players to actually play and explore the game and all of it's possiblities, with that being said, I'd like the addition of a greatsword with the option to thrust with a foward dash so it'll be like piercing the opponent in the stomach or chest.

- A little animation if you almost hit the player but didn't quite get there so their hair wooshes a lot or you take off their helmet

-Make it compatable with multiple devices like xbox controlers, dualshock 4 & 5, nintendo joy cons, random controler, stuff like that(I know that in steam you can actually configure your controlers inputs to match the keyboards bindings put it would be much simpler if you implemented it from the get go, also just started playing with controller cause I never tried it on this game and SUPER comfortable, in a way I never thought possible)

- I don't know why or how but I'd like you to include an Oni mask, specifically this one if possible (found it online and thought it looked nice)

Maybe you could implement an achievment/Trophie or badge system(kinda like how clash royale uses their's), like idk, at 100 wins you could get a skin for your sword hat has a flame effect or an achievment for have 50 near misses(like the enemy doesn't hit you cause you dodged perfectly) or an achievment for for 25 perfect parry's/parries/parrys(I don't know the plural of parry)

- I've been thinking of possible skins and one were the player is pretty much undead would be cool, like, ribs showing, half the skin from the face missing, an arm where only the bone is visible, stuff like that.

- A possible map could be a dojo with katanas, shurikens, nunchucks, sais, stuff like that, and maybe a spining fan on the roof


Obviously, if any of these were implemented it could back track the program weeks(depending on which one) so maybe you could upload the game and do an update every few months with anything you see fit to add.

PS: I just read my comment and I don't won't to sound like I'm trying to obligate you to change your scheduale or sound like I'm entitled to anything, it may have been how I frased it, I'm just throwing out suggestions so take care and so hyped up for the premium version.

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I can finally say I'm superior to the Duel bot

Also, I think I found a sorts of a glitch that make beating the Duel bot kinda broken and easy

-first, if you duck close to the enemy right before it does a top down swing attack and defend it while in duck position, you will be able to instantly kill it every time, only condition is that you have to be right in his position and do the attack fast, but other than that it's a piece of cake, I don't know if it's with all difficulties because I only experienced this in the Duel bot.

One of the best games here and I hope you read this, I'll make a pros, cons and suggestion list but besides that this is gonna go in my top  5 games


-Stunning pixel art animations were it's not to complex but not to simple at the same time which is quite nice.

-Great gameplay with all the attacks and variations you can do.

-Very fluid and not at all buggy in my experience.


-Lack of a tutorial

-No customizations of controls(I understand there is a large and diverse pool of options but the ability to customize your controls can make a game 5x better and easier to play).

-No online play(I know it's costs money to keep up a server so if you can, start a go fund me and make a server were you can play with friends by entering a 6 digit code. This is a long shot but if you do get funded, first of all I recommend placing a Japanese background with a Sakura and that there's always Sakura flowers falling, second make transitions when choosing an option so it's not so robotic and finally, to expand your market, add the ability for mac and Linux compatibility).


-More character customization like a different sword color or more hats and masks like maybe you could add a traditional so-men or kendo face guard or maybe samurai chest and body armor.

-Add a dummy to train with or at least a tutorial, I had to learn the ropes by myself and the text you had written, it's quite annoying and made me almost lose interest at the beginning but luckily I didn't and here we are.

-The ability to do combos in a quick but not instant(because then you wouldn't be able to block) succession so you could make it a bit more of an ability and not just spamming gameplay.

-This is less important but wouldn't be a bad add, make the maps have variation like platforms on which you can jump on but since this will cost a lot of time and effort it's not that important.

This is one of my most detailed comments and probably one of the only 3 games I have added to my collection and although your probably not going to read this, you have a great game with great potential here so stay safe, do what you love, and have a great day.

yeah, how is it supposed to work?

great game, I'd recommend you extend it and add more enemies and maps, a recommendation would be a dog or bird as as enemy and a desert with quicksand and other objects which could lead to more types of gameplay, but other than than, amazing game

thanks man, your a lifesaver

I can't do the final test but all I got wrong was the guy with 2 thumbs up image(I believe that's rigged but I may be wrong) and the infinite math problem because I can't write the symbol infinite, is it a bug or am I just not good enough BenBonk

bro I'm dying 🤣

haha, it's funny put i think he/she meant eyes, i have no idea how you right that wrong or even close to ears but o

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I'm seeing the comments about the game being great but i can't load it (┬┬﹏┬┬)

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-Won't let me continue upgrading demon after second upgrade although the necessary power is there.

-Arcanist power up to OP.

-Save doesn't work so it should just give you a number, and then when opening back up the game you insert the number and continue with your progress.

-Candidates upgrade for 100 instead of 1 by manually recruiting is glitched and doesn't work.

-Sometimes if when in another tab things will just freeze and will only resume if the the games tab is interacted with .

I think the the main issues have been named but besides that, great game, keep up the good work and stay safe.

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It won't load it's just stuck at the begging, the game won't start :(

k, thanks, have a good day

holup, I know you, we talked about a thing in patient rogue, hey, also then what's the point of this umm...program

it's nice but I don't understand the point of the game or how to win(can you even win??)

bro that's so cool, thanks so much, imma start playing a bit more with monk, also, is fighter a neutral?

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mine too

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feels nice, did a few tries with fighter and completed it

soooooo nice, can't show image cause it wont let me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

simply great, all my friends liked it and i find it nice



here's a rickroll

this is so f*cking sad and amazing, dude, i-i loved this *sobs*

wtf is wrong with you people?