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I can finally say I'm superior to the Duel bot

Also, I think I found a sorts of a glitch that make beating the Duel bot kinda broken and easy

-first, if you duck close to the enemy right before it does a top down swing attack and defend it while in duck position, you will be able to instantly kill it every time, only condition is that you have to be right in his position and do the attack fast, but other than that it's a piece of cake, I don't know if it's with all difficulties because I only experienced this in the Duel bot.

One of the best games here and I hope you read this, I'll make a pros, cons and suggestion list but besides that this is gonna go in my top  5 games


-Stunning pixel art animations were it's not to complex but not to simple at the same time which is quite nice.

-Great gameplay with all the attacks and variations you can do.

-Very fluid and not at all buggy in my experience.


-Lack of a tutorial

-No customizations of controls(I understand there is a large and diverse pool of options but the ability to customize your controls can make a game 5x better and easier to play).

-No online play(I know it's costs money to keep up a server so if you can, start a go fund me and make a server were you can play with friends by entering a 6 digit code. This is a long shot but if you do get funded, first of all I recommend placing a Japanese background with a Sakura and that there's always Sakura flowers falling, second make transitions when choosing an option so it's not so robotic and finally, to expand your market, add the ability for mac and Linux compatibility).


-More character customization like a different sword color or more hats and masks like maybe you could add a traditional so-men or kendo face guard or maybe samurai chest and body armor.

-Add a dummy to train with or at least a tutorial, I had to learn the ropes by myself and the text you had written, it's quite annoying and made me almost lose interest at the beginning but luckily I didn't and here we are.

-The ability to do combos in a quick but not instant(because then you wouldn't be able to block) succession so you could make it a bit more of an ability and not just spamming gameplay.

-This is less important but wouldn't be a bad add, make the maps have variation like platforms on which you can jump on but since this will cost a lot of time and effort it's not that important.

This is one of my most detailed comments and probably one of the only 3 games I have added to my collection and although your probably not going to read this, you have a great game with great potential here so stay safe, do what you love, and have a great day.

yeah, how is it supposed to work?

great game, I'd recommend you extend it and add more enemies and maps, a recommendation would be a dog or bird as as enemy and a desert with quicksand and other objects which could lead to more types of gameplay, but other than than, amazing game

thanks man, your a lifesaver

I can't do the final test but all I got wrong was the guy with 2 thumbs up image(I believe that's rigged but I may be wrong) and the infinite math problem because I can't write the symbol infinite, is it a bug or am I just not good enough BenBonk

bro I'm dying 🤣

haha, it's funny put i think he/she meant eyes, i have no idea how you right that wrong or even close to ears but o

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I'm seeing the comments about the game being great but i can't load it (┬┬﹏┬┬)

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-Won't let me continue upgrading demon after second upgrade although the necessary power is there.

-Arcanist power up to OP.

-Save doesn't work so it should just give you a number, and then when opening back up the game you insert the number and continue with your progress.

-Candidates upgrade for 100 instead of 1 by manually recruiting is glitched and doesn't work.

-Sometimes if when in another tab things will just freeze and will only resume if the the games tab is interacted with .

I think the the main issues have been named but besides that, great game, keep up the good work and stay safe.

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It won't load it's just stuck at the begging, the game won't start :(

k, thanks, have a good day

holup, I know you, we talked about a thing in patient rogue, hey, also then what's the point of this umm...program

it's nice but I don't understand the point of the game or how to win(can you even win??)

bro that's so cool, thanks so much, imma start playing a bit more with monk, also, is fighter a neutral?

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mine too

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feels nice, did a few tries with fighter and completed it

soooooo nice, can't show image cause it wont let me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

simply great, all my friends liked it and i find it nice



here's a rickroll

this is so f*cking sad and amazing, dude, i-i loved this *sobs*

wtf is wrong with you people?