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This is the exact reason why some developers would provide a software rendered (no HW acceleration) fallback executable for their program. Not complaining, just saying.

Fun MSX2 game. Replay value is great when there is an incentive to get a higher score. My only complaint would be the player getting lost after getting a scrap in a planet, but this is only a minor inconvenience.

Cool. But the gun sprite not aligning with the game's virtual resolution is not very good.

Pro: You get to kill furries.
Con: You are a furry.

This game can be seen as nostalgic. Good ol' days of TIC-80, back when the community was still fresh and new :)

Relatively decent quality when you looked at the jam's submissions back then :).

I remember my game's (Package) source code, it was absolutely horrible. When tasked with how detecting individual boxes' collision with each other, I resorted to MANUALLY detecting them (e.g. if box1 colliding with box2, box1 colliding with box3, etc.). 

It was a pain - and to this day I laugh at the fact I could've just used 2 for loops to do that. But it was my first game and I'm proud of it. You should be proud of this game too - don't call it low quality :)


Seems like a cool game. But fell into the naive trap of being dependent on a shared library, which is not very portable for those in Linux based systems. xD

If RPGMaker was Windows, this would be Linux.

Pretty good engine with nice small living community in 2023 :)

Ah, I see - I get that. IMO it might be better since your engine would get popularity and that would introduce contributions from other people, which is a win-win.
P.S. it being public domain is very cool of you OP.

Well, LIKO-12 is just another fantasy console that's inspired by PICO-8. This isn't to say it's merely a 'copy' of PICO-8. The API can be seen as different.
Unlike PICO-8 (which is proprietary and costs money), LIKO-12 is free and open source - which is great because it lets people to learn from the code and 'hack' it themselves. (This is similar to TIC-80, but LIKO-12 might be simpler.)

Very cool stuff, would appreciate it if you'd host in on Github or a similar site. Like the simplicity :)

Very simple concept - but fun :)

Very fun, gets too laggy at level 46 (yes, I played the game for that long).

Pretty fun and the developer is based too. Just so people know, the water tower and fire tower are 2x2 iirc. Got confused the first time on how I couldn't place them xD

weird, when i compile even a basic C program with gcc, it would be way bigger than your binary. did you use some executable program for this?

I recommend putting up the tag 'Minimalist" on this. Aside from that  - love the simplicity of such cute software :)

How did you compile it so small on windows? de fak? TCC compiler?

can this be open-sourced? coming from someone who's interested in how virtual machines (speci fantasy consoles) work.

Incredibly fun!

Oh, yeah - it very much is. Definitely had some love put into it.

Simple, but incredibly fun game. The creator is an amazing person for making it open source - meaning you could compile your own modded version of the game and play it (not sure if you can distribute it, tho - there's no license file).

yeappppp, i had no idea what went into my head for disabling undos (they're enabled by default lol)

Hopefully you're still alive man. This was one of the first games I've ever played on so it's sort of a special game to me.

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It's sad, honestly. It's released in 2018, and yet, I *might* be the second person ever to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful little game. The first one being the developer themselves.

A short, simple - but unique piece of art. Loved the music, btw.

Edit: Nvm, game is played and appreciated by people before I did 3 years ago. It's a submission to a game jam.


lol existential dread, fun

L + ratio + didn't ask???

I'm pretty glad that I played this game before it went "dead." It seems like I'm receiving less bottles now. Unlike 2 years ago (I think) when I received more bottles. It was such a cool concept of a game - and I loved the messages. Definitely has a place in my heart.

No Linux support D:

Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Game isn't polished as I thought it was...

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oh my god you're right. just added undo functionality! it was stupid of me to disable it.

oh, I probably said 'Clay' because the author of this game is called Dream Team. and Dream's a popular Minecraft streamer/youtuber, and his real name is Clay. puzzle solved too ez

oh my god im drugs

Me too.

(Cops called!!!)