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Fun :D

Pretty okay game! Music isn't that nice, though.

haha, that was an amazing ending. good puzzle game, I enjoyed it a lot! probably my favorite game on this jam ;)

I absolutely love this. Smooth controls, and I love the screen shake. I also like how when a wave is over you get to pick an upgrade. Cool game in general! I got to Wave 6.

Wow, you weren't joking about "All of this goes in sync with an awesome and catchy upbeat track, making decisions fun while being displayed and heard in perfect fashion with the sound of incredible music." Music is really great, and the fact that the game syncs with it is just a nice little touch.

Very creative and interesting game! Has some issues, but overall a really interesting game.

Nice. Trippy visuals and it felt really smooth to control the player. I absolutely love how the game is synced with the beat, it's a nice touch. Good game.

Oh! I see!

Very good game!

Yep! I should. But why should I? It's only around 700 KB. Please tell me the problem! I wanna know the problem :)

not as good as Bob though :)


this was actually great!

let's start out with the good things. this game has a really good idea. you are in an endless void full of nothingness, until you meet this guy 'bob.' bob is the kind of person that'll you eventually hate and then like, and then hate again.
movement is a little janky, though. but in general, this was very neat! :D

Thank you very much for the kind words!

you press Z. should've added that, sorry.

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I could've added sound effects, and stuff, but I was pretty lazy

guess what, buddy. I made WASD work in the updated version :)

thanks! and yeah, I could've added wasd. I used 'TIC-80.' it's a fantasy console, which is more of a virtual game development kit, rather than a game engine.

Can we use swear words onto our game?

Yep! It's a pretty neat idea. I'll maybe work on it, sometime in the future :)

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Thank you! I am not a very experienced game developer as well, and I am still learning. Thank you for the kind words! 


I wanted to actually fix one bug (player spawning inside wall) but I already submitted the game to the jam. oh well :P

Really neat!

have no idea why I said this 9 months ago, but I agree. Clay.


That's the joke, lmao.

Nostalgic. :P

I hear "Javid". ;)

Who needs FL Studio, when you have THIS?! What a masterpiece.

Lit soundtrack. That instantly makes it a good game. Anyways, i can see really good ideas for this game. Maybe it could be turned into a full project. Very cool.

Didn't know acid was allowed in! Amazing.

somehow, it crashes when i open it.

We, humans. Have made this of an absolute gem.

Sometimes, it's not about the gameplay itself. Sometimes, its about the meaning :) Thank you for this.

A great work of art.