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More account spam

Spamming the same video to several unrelated game pages

I love literally everything you guys publish, keep up the good work!

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Seems like the save button broke after the court trial.... not that I've played the game that llong I just.... heard it from.... alright yes I've played this for a few hours so what! 

But seriously it looks like the save button isn't responding to clicks after the trials. (EDIT) also I've noticed the spooky coin machine just takes all of your coins now without giving stickers and just gives you the default prompt as if you have zero spooky coins in your inventory. I'm going to load an old save and see if this is persistant. (shit that means I have to go free Jaclyn again)

It's been a while since you made the demo for us to play. Is there any roadmap for a longer release?

Sure ^^

Needs different graphics settings other than Fantastic.

Table view actually looks pretty nice! Maybe a bit more realistate but it's definently usefeull.

Just like how you can rsize the icons for games using Steam I'd like the ability to resize icons for games in my library so I can see more game titles on screen at once.

I Know Mac Is Aesthetic But Can We Have A Windows Release?

I've noticed that under seemingly random times that the itch app with go fullscreen cutting off the title bar of the Windows application that contains the application title and close/size controlls. I've tried to research if this is a feature and maybe I just hit a hotkey to maximise the application window but I can't for the life of me figure this out and I'm forced to alt+tab to interact with any other applications. Screenshot [ 1366x768, Windows 7 Home, latest app build. ]

Screenshot shows the itch app with no windows application title bar.

Just beat the game. The final boss was tricky but I did it! Great work, loved the puzzles, the art, music, physics, story, everything!

Lets All Love Lain

Why use a mac?

There wasn't a comments section on the game page so I'll let you know here.

This was awesome!

Beat the game in about an hour of exploration and trying to get out of bounds to outsmart areas. Great time playing and looking forward to more!

Hey I saw you post this on Reddit!

itch app is unable to download your game

5 hours in and till playing. Awesome time waster, keep it up!

You game looks very nice but ufortunently I was unab;e to play due to the game crashing when I try to change the settings. I get an error dump which looks like this.

Very much enjoyed this, went in with no expectations and left an hour later feeling time well spent.

I very much enjoyed this and would like to see further development! I'd gladly purchace a full game.

Out of video memory and can't launch the game. Lower the min specs?