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I would suggest ripping the models from Age of Empires II, and then painting your own units in this style over those units as a base in their already isometric poses, it would be much easier, and would probably create the best looking isometric assets that have ever existed, if you could manage to make even just one knight and one wizard, people could start making really interesting games. However, each character is a lot of sprites with their animations. Bare minimum would need a walk/attack/die animation in 2 directions.

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If you could make a melee unit and ranged unit in this same style, it would be amazing. I love the style of making the face generic and not the main feature.

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you need ground tiles that have shadows where the house meets the ground(for the front of the houses). there was one other comment months ago mentioning how the houses looked chopped off at the bottom, the lack of shadows here is why. other than that this set is perfect. even without this fix, I'll be buying this set, but it would be nice to have.

you created shadows on the front sides of the house roofs - this is exactly what's needed except on the grass/dirt infront of houses.

should be relatively easy to create some shadow sprites for use in Tiled that go on their own shadow layer, so there doesn't have to be any modification to other tiles, and we can throw the shadows on the right places. Should basically be three shadow tiles, two corner/edge tiles and a middle tile.

How to get past the last magical locked door in the portal area?

Are there 2 keys in the maze forest? I found one but it only opened one door in the hall room, and the second door is locked too. The only other place I can go is the portal maze, and I can't open the last door.
I've been trying for hours

I'm not too good at this type of game, but I played it because the art and animation style impressed me so much. Also the interactivity with environment aspect is extremely fun and cool. Can you help out a mystery-game-newb?