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Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Glad you enjoyed it.

Our plans right now are to raise enough funds to work full time on a full game or failing that continuing the full game part time so you'll definitely be seeing a lot more magical ways to turn a knight into gibs in the future. We are currently aiming for pc so the main focus is on keyboard and mouse but we will be taking a look at tightening up controllers as we continue development.

I have noticed a few people tend to not make much use out of the flamethrower, wind and shield spells and i was wondering if you felt they were underpowered/lacking or if you just enjoyed the other spells more?

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Hi, sounds like you could be missing the right version of DirectX try using this link to update.

Let me know if this doesn't work and ill take another look into it.

Thanks for letting us know, the guards should be resetting back to their original places but it should like its bugged so ill take a look. Did this happen just once or every time you died and spawned in that room?

Thanks for the feedback, Room exits are defiantly something that needs working on and is something we have talked about before. As for bushes, at the moment we use them to help keep the player on track and keep them from wandering too far off the path in the forest levels. however we could maybe do with making them look a little more formidable and impassable to better communicate that.

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Save points are currently in our development version and will be pushed in a patch later today along with some tweaks to the demo. We've been working a lot on building the core game play based on feedback so unfortunately they've taken a bit longer than planned but its being tested right now so should be good to go very soon.

The Spell community · Created a new topic Bug Report

If you encounter any bugs or issues with the demo this is the place to post them.

In your post please describe what happened in as much detail as you can.

Please post any feedback or suggestions you have here.