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Character Creator 2D

Character creation and customization tool · By mochakingup

only Unity ?

A topic by przymek79 created May 22, 2019 Views: 660 Replies: 18
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Hello. That creator works only in Unity ?


Hi there,

yeah it's only for Unity for now. That said, you can export the resulting character as .png for you to use it outside Unity.

Standalone version is coming soon, but I can't promise on the timeline.

May I ask what are you planning to use it for?

Yay! Standalone would be awesome for all us GameMaker  Studio people. :)

Hello, I bought this asset on the unity store and was wondering when or if you had a date that you planned on releasing the png export. I am planning to export the .png files to RPGMAKER MV to use them as character sprite sheets.


Hi, png export is already out for Unity Asset Store version, please download the latest version in Unity Asset Store.

For more information and update on the Unity version, visit our Unity Forum.

As of the standalone/executable version, we're getting real close, but I don't have a date yet, unfortunately.

Thanks for the quick reply. Can't wait to test it out. Please keep churning out good assets like this and I can vouch for the fact you will make a sale (I.E. my money) :D

Nice creator - you may want to check the skin/individual parts where you color the hair, for example, and the skin acquires that color instead? 

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I'm sorry but I don't quite understand what you mean, can you elaborate more?

Okay, basically, if I play with the demo, and I decide to change the hair color while in the hair section - the skin itself changes color too. I hope that makes more sense? 


That's weird, does it always happen? I can't seem to replicate the issue. If you don't mind me asking, what platform and browser are you using?

I'm using a Chrome Browser on Windows 10. 


Unfortunately, I still can't replicate the issue :( 

Hopefully it won't happen in the upcoming standalone version.

I noticed it too! I I think it is just a wording because I was able to change hair color in another location. When you select skin color on the right  it says skin, hair, eyes, lips, grayscale, fabric leather, metal, vibrant, bleached, bleak, dark, and custom. All of those change skin color. I think you meant for them to be skin color descriptions, but it is confusing and sounds like it should change hair, eyes, lips. Maybe have parenthesis by those descriptions to say "(this changes skin color)" or "common hair color applied to the skin" where or eyes and lip.


Ahhh. I think I understand where's the confusion now!

So the header on the color is just the name for the palette. This was meant to organize the color options so that it is easier to choose from.

You can only change color for part that are currently active. So for example, when you click helmet, you will be presented with 3 color slot on the right side, and when you click one of them, the color palette will appear.

But this is a good point! I should probably write a documentation for the Standalone version.

PS. You can switch the color selection mode by clicking on the icons on the right side of the colors palette!



Yes! There is a standalone version!

But it's kinda limited compared to the Unity version. You can only export to png, and you can't add your own parts in the standalone version.

ok, when i purchase tool, what outfits i receive in standard version, i ask because on wDemo i see all extensions to purhase (Animal, oriental Sci Fi etc)


Included with the base tool are "Base" and "Fantasy" parts.  Don't forget that there is also Glasses pack, which is free to download!

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Here are the main limitations of the standalone version:

  • Can only export to PNG sequences for now
  • You can't add your own parts
  • You can't add or edit animations

As for the license, basically you can use the character made with this as part of commercial project (example: games, animations). But you cannot sell or redistribute characters that you made with the tool on their own (for example: you can't make a character, export it to png, then sell the png to another party).

If you still have any further questions about the license, or if you need a custom license, please send us an email.

I don't quite understand what you meant by sold -30%. Can you elaborate?