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Thanks for the review. While creating the game I ran into some strange FPS issues which took up the later half of my development time. I am happy that I was able to fix that as it seems as no one is/ reported having issues with the FPS.  What aspect of the visuals made the combat difficult (I am hoping to improve upon this project)? 

What happened while you played thunder? Fire and Ice skills are activated through single presses but the primary and utility skills for thunder work by pressing either 1 or 3 then Z while standing still. I hope this helps :<

Temporary Game Link


The Game link for now until I am able to get it onto itch.io 


It may take me a bit but I will let you know asap when I have it uploaded on either itch.io or dropbox.

I am putting it on dropbox for now.

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I got an error message while uploading, attempting to contact support... bear with me x,x.