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That's called the "H" Button, I believe lol 

sooner or later, we believe so, yes. :D 

No problem :D

Check out 1.31 now - the bug should be fixed now. :D

Download 1.31 if you can. I fixed a game breaking bug just now, lol. Sorry! 

Which version - PC, Mac, Android? 

Nope. An update was just posted, sorry :D 

Heh. Thank you for the compliment, and that's OK. Not every character is everyone's favorite, lol. At least there's 5 other characters right? :)

Sorry folks! I didn't realize there were two android builds up! It should be fixed with the latest build. People shouldn't have any errors on the newest Android build. But let us know if there still is any kind of issues from any of these builds. 

You are welcome LOL 

Hey, I just fixed the android build, I believe. Please redownload and try again? It should work like a charm now. 

haha, do let us know if it works, please! :D

Thanks :D

Yes, what he said :D And It's up! 

Oh! Sorry :D I guess I'll update those. :D

Hmm. How do you mean? 

I hope so. (laughs) I just released an update for my other game "Rescue the King!" on Patreon - t'll be out on the 1st on Itch. Now I can focus on trying to work on Grizzly Tech for the rest of the montth, and fingers crossed, I'll have an update out by early next month. 

and let me know the link to your tweet, so I can follow it on Twitter :)

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Feel free :) I may consider more content. It is really short, but I was wanting to at least *complete* one TWINE project. Now I can possibly expand it somewhere in that story. 

Cool. If it helps you improve the program, then awesome :) 

I tend to think it was the JS code I had put in it - or at least that in combination with a *high* amount of Passages that the program had to try to transcribe. Looking at the output - the code that I managed to transcribe to .rpy file was fine, so I really think It was the amount of passages or the JS code. I had an array in the StoryInit Passage which could have made the program choke or something. 

Ah, that does make sense. I had a TWINE game with 498 passages. LOL. No worries. :) It is a good program though. It does work with my simpler/shorter TWINE games.

It does work with other simpler projects without a lot of TWINE coding (Sugarcube - variables and the like) in it. Maybe it's because I have too many passages for it to parse or some weird code (JS) I should clean out before transferring? 

Any idea why this may be happening? I'm trying to transport one particular TWINE project - it did have a lot of javascript and stuff in it but... here's the traceback error

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "twine_to_rpy\", line 465, in run

  File "twine_to_rpy\", line 209, in run

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'encode'

Yeah, I Just hope they didn't remove the older games on their end, so they can still get their stats

I've figured out something - this is regarding my comment on the multiple files to choose from - earlier. I just recently found out that my itch app will make a copy of the 'new' game version rather than overwrite the old one. 

So that means - if you're using the itch app, and you seem to be weirdly low on space, check the game folders in case you're carrying older versions of the games, then delete the old ones, and you're back in business. At least that's what's going on for me. 

Sorry I should have said "'s website". I meant going through the webbrowser rather than the itch desktop app. 

We aren't sure. I can't do the same, so I'm directly downloading the new version from the website. 

Maybe so. Let me try logging out again and in

Ah, thanks. :)

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You may want to doublecheck the PC version of FBTW - itch doesn't want to recognize that you have an update - so make sure it's tagged Windows or whatever it is. I'm still on 4.5.6. I'm not sure if itch app is behind on recognizing stuff either, so it could be your end or my end. 

That makes total sense. It appeared it was made in Ren'py, so I was used to Ren'py functionality lol. Thanks for getting back to me! 

I am having trouble even just starting the game. It loads up the main game screen with buttons, but... you cannot click on any of them, or rightclick to bring up the standard game menu. This is build v0.6p for Windows.

Maccon is so cute. lol. 

*facepalm* I'm so sorry LOL. I was thinking this 'post' was for Grizzly Tech, not Rescue the King. No. Grizzly Tech is the one that got the update earlier this month. I am starting to work on the RTK game though. I hope to have something out by the end of the month. 

It was just updated a few days ago to version 1.25. I have 3 games going on currently, so I'm not sure which one I will be working on ths month just yet. And, no, this isn' just a trial. I intend to finish it. It's roughly 3/4's through the story so far. Thanks for the interest :)

Ohhhhh. I was wondering IF that was the reason you had soooo many different 'versions' in that list. I tend to just keep the most recent version I have up for my games. 

When you launch from the itch app, why are there 20 different 'versions' available? I have no idea which one is the most updated one??

No problem! I'm going to try to finish more of the chapter this month (fingers crossed)