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When you launch from the itch app, why are there 20 different 'versions' available? I have no idea which one is the most updated one??

No problem! I'm going to try to finish more of the chapter this month (fingers crossed)

Sooo Spot ON! 

You know. You're right. Which is why I've updated the game page. I didn't realize it hadn't been updated at all since I posted it. LOL. 

True. I didn't think about that. Thanks! 

Ah. Sorry. :D 

Something else to tweak. haha. Thanks :) For now, just try to not guard. I didn't account for guarding.

And it IS my first foray with this engine. Still learning the fine-tuning ropes of it all. 

Ah, oops. It's also set to having the player have about 50% HP at least by the 5th turn. I had intended the player to at least 'try to survive' with over half, and since she always attacks first, your HP should have dropped around half or under 50% your HP - triggering that condition. 

Aww, thank you :) I'll do my best. 

Ohhhh, now I see. Don't worry. She isn't meant to be beat. :D She has 25000hp. It's set to last about 5 turns, before she 'leaves'. 

Okay. I *think* I fixed the missing sprite issue. 

Okay. I've doublechecked everything. the FILE is there. I'm gonna run through the game really quick. I have no idea why MZ is being this finicky.  

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Oh great. I thought I'd taken care of that. Um. King, right. Did it say kingcast.png missing? or...? Which are you playing, the PC version or the web version? 

Hmmm. Well, maybe I should up the amount of restorative healing, or lower her damage a little. I thought it was balanced enough to give the player a bit of a challenge. 

I think you need to keep your HP up at least. And try to use health restoratives as well. I'd recommend trying to equip Oak Ring, or another item or two that helps with magical defense. 

A fixed game demo should be out on Jan 8th!

Yes, I am working on it. The demo portion is almost done. I Just need to tweak one event or two, then it should be posted, I believe. Thanks!

No problem. There is one way - to exit full screen through alt+enter, and hit the X button, but I think it'd be easier to have a way to do it inside the game somewhere :)

Not bad - I would encode the ability to exit the game somewhere :) I had to resort to Alt+Enter to get it out of full screen, then use the "X" button to close it. 

That's OK. Sometimes all you need is an idea, and figure things out. The point is to just at least try to get a playable demo out by the end of the Bara Jam :) 

Thanks! :) I am aware of those bugs - That's odd. I'll check into the scroll bug - but I've fixed the last bug - somewhat, and tried to make the cutscenes more smooth without needing as much figuring out if you have to click on this or that. (And for the last part, I need to finish that cutscene. I should have stopped the demo when they 'vanished' from the Guild. 

Anything you want to talk about, or ask about if it's not a bug, post it here! 

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Please, let me know if there's any bugs for the game in this thread. 

Be as detailed as you can, thanks, and I'll get to fixing it as soon as possible. (What you were doing up to the point where the bug happened, exactly). And to the one who posted the bug - I apologize! I didn't realize that switching the type of comments to Discussion forum would erase your message - please just post it here again, 'k? :) 

Will do asap. It was a last minute 'upload' so I didn't really  have time to add more details and all. 

ah... I was in a rush there, I think. My bad. I'll work on it. Did you check the monument in the center of town before talking to Galen?

Oh. Fixed. Thanks :) And as for CGs... we will see. :)

I'm trying to look into what could be causing the problem. Make sure your firewall isn't interfering with it. That can cause issues sometimes.

Have you tried to drag it to the Applications folder and see if it launches from there? (I'm not a Mac user but that's what someone suggested when I asked about it) 

Huh. Hm. I'll look into it. 

No problem. I can read the error message to a degree - or at least I can understand the basic meaning of the error. I haven't the faintest clue why it is doing that. Sorry :( 

Odd. do you get any errors when you try to run it? It's running fine on my PC and I installed the latest update earlier today. 

It's around 10:12pm on the 1st atm. *Crosses fingers*

Thank you. I am working on it a bit tonight, but I'm crossing my fingers I'll be done in a hour or two, then release it tonight. 

Low blow, but I do deserve that. LOL. I'm attempting to change my ways of working on this thing, and still learning. This is my very first published VN, and I have a lot to learn about how to do things. 

Nasir looks particularly festive today :D 

It is male, but you barely find out until you actually play through about half of the content so far. And "Male" chests are not typically called 'breasts'. 

one question. What is the gender the MC is playing as? 

the gray wolves’ design does remind me of Amicus but that’s all. His personality is radically different.