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Hehe. Thank you so much for the feedback :) Well, there ARE some future scenes written in the story - but I haven't gotten to them just yet. Be patient :)

Nice game so far - I've been playing the tutorial in Story Mode - and I think I'm stuck? I was told to pick up berries by Takoda - and return to the campsite, but I returned to the first campsite, and dropped the berries inside the campsite. Then the tutorial says leave teh campsite, then when I do, it says 'return to the campsite"? Is there another campsite I missed near the bush I was supposed to harvest berries from?  

ah yes. The choices thing makes perfect sense. It is my first VN that I've been working on seriously and adapting it from prose is a bit difficult at times. And I think I tracked the first/third person POVs down. There were at least 2-3 sentences altogether in chapter 5-6 I found esrlier today. Thank you for pointing them out! :)

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Thank you. I have more chapters being worked on. I was curious what chapters you noticed those third person/first person issues? True. I could add more simple decisions, and there may be more later of those types, but right now, I feel if the story needs a decision at any point in it, I will create one. :) After all, this game IS an adaptation of my novel of the same name. :)

That's fine. As long as there's a purpose to looking at him, and there's possibility of more that's fine :) I don't need to know every detail. lol. 

Alright. I thought it'd be cool if that one got maybe a relationship started or something. He seems like he likes the main character :)

One question: The Shop Owner - when you 'take a look at him', does anything happen other than showing his full image? 

You could always open a Google Docs File so people can upload parts of their errors perhaps? 

OR I can go DIRECTLY to your page ;) I am downloading as we speak. Sorry. :)

Is there a problem with uploading the direct file to this site? I can't seem to get the other three links to even download? 

I sort of figured once I tried to play it again. :) 

Why does the filename say  UB-05.00.exe for the demo when it should be 06? 

Ah. So it was by accident. Shame. I wouldn't have minded a date once in a while with one or two patrons haha. But good thing I mentioned it then :) 

Nice game so far :) I was just... curious - why is this game 'tagged' erotic? 

Great. :) Too bad the demo is so short. :) I can't wait until you release the full game. :)

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Great game so far - it does crash occasionally, but I'm not sure exactly why.