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OR I can go DIRECTLY to your page ;) I am downloading as we speak. Sorry. :)

Is there a problem with uploading the direct file to this site? I can't seem to get the other three links to even download? 

I sort of figured once I tried to play it again. :) 

Why does the filename say  UB-05.00.exe for the demo when it should be 06? 

Ah. So it was by accident. Shame. I wouldn't have minded a date once in a while with one or two patrons haha. But good thing I mentioned it then :) 

Nice game so far :) I was just... curious - why is this game 'tagged' erotic? 

Great. :) Too bad the demo is so short. :) I can't wait until you release the full game. :)

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Great game so far - it does crash occasionally, but I'm not sure exactly why.