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We do plan the bundle to happen regularly! 

So keep an eye out! :D

Hello there!

Are you planning to use the Standalaone or Unity version?

I'll try to answer your questions below:

1. The animation control is at the bottom center of the UI. Is it not working for you?

2. Standalone:
You can create new body skin, but you can't change the basic structure of the body. You can't add new animations or change UI elements
The purpose of the standalone version is to generate characters for your game/product, not to provide customization for your player/user.

2. Unity:
You can create new body type and change the body structure, but it's outside the scope of the tool, so you need to dive and edit it yourself. Animations and UI can be changed, it requires you to be familiar with how animations and UI in Unity works.

3. Not possible at the moment. Again, in Unity this can be done, but it requires a lot of customization from the current state of the tool. 

4. The standalone only supports exporting to PNG at the moment.

I hope this answers your question, feel free to ask some more!

Depending on your specs and needs, we might be able to do custom build for you.
If that's something that you'd be interested in, please send us an email! :)


the license is at the bottom of the page.

If you have more specific questions, feel free to send us an email! :)

Not directly from this tool, but if you are using Unity for your game, you probably won't be exporting the character to PNG, but saving it as an object or prefab that Unity recognizes. Then you can do (kinda) whatever you want with it inside Unity (like disabling the arm objects).

Thank you for your kind words! 🤗

Hello there,

Unfortunately, that's not possible with the standalone version.

And you're right, modifying parts to hide the arm is probably the easiest way to do this at the moment. 


Are you sure you're not mistaking this with other tools?

CC2D was first released in 2018, and the standalone version in late 2019, If I'm not mistaken.

We do have free glasses add-on (, but we never have any wings.

Hi there,

You can set the resolution when exporting to PNG. Does it not working for you?  Can you elaborate a bit? what exactly did you do, and what is the resulting image looks like?

As for pixelated, there's no way to do that directly from CC2D at the moment.

you don't need to open anything,

Once the pack file is in the correct folder, the pack should be activated automatically.

Can you try opening the armor menu, and see if the daily parts are there?

Also, make sure you're running the latest version of CC2D. Currently it's version 1.73.

yes that should be the only file you need for the pack to works.

I noticed that you have two folders called Character Creator 2D. just making sure, but in your case, the base tool is installed in the second folder, correct?

So what happen when you open the base CC2D? The daily pack just doesn't show?

Hi there,

you don't need any specific tool, just unzip the pack, then put it into the packs folder.

Can you screenshot where you installed the pack right now?

Hi there

You are right, Face Lines 4 is part of the Daily pack.

I'm sorry that our description was not clear enough. We've included all available packs in the demo, so that users can try them all out and decide which packs would be useful for them.

Thanks for bringing it up! We'll add additional info near the top of the page, to make it clearer.


We animated everything at 60 fps.

But you can choose your target FPS (frame per second) when exporting to png, and it will tell you how many frames it will create for selected animation.

Ahh, so you meant different angle of the character.

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible with Character Creator 2D, and I don't think it's coming anytime soon :(

Hey sorry for the late reply.

Yeah, you should be fine.

If the character is the main point or the majority of your product, then it is not allowed. Because it would count as reselling the assets. Otherwise, it would be fine.

Maybe you can share some example? You can email it to us if it's sensitive.

Hi, by position do you mean animation?

I'm not quite sure what you meant by walking in front of the camera, can you elaborate?

hi there!

currently we are still focusing on human, there are still a lot of things we want to add and improve with the tool.

once it's done, we will start to explore other possibilities!

Hi there,

So I'm assuming what you sell is in the format of a video, right? If so, then yes, that is allowed.

That is a good suggestion! we'll add it to our to do list.

Hi we've been thinking for something like that for a while, but then we've stumbled on a question.

What do you think count as superhero and villain outfit, exactly?

With the newer superhero movies, their outfit is basically just sci-fi armors, no?

Hey there, we do have something like that planned.

Although, we can't really tell or promise when it's going to come. 

We have our focus in other aspects right now, which should add more flexibility and possibilities to CC2D as a whole!


Thanks for your purchase and feedback!

I will try to answers those below

1. This has been in the works for a while, we're still exploring options on how the best to do that. 

2. Sure! Some animations might not be possible, but if you have any suggestions let us know.

3. We did it this way so that when you export to 60fps and have more than 100 frames, it's easier to organize.

4. This is not possible at the moment and we have no plan to do that. This is much easier to do on 3D characters rather than 2D. 

Hi, that is indeed weird! 

But I'm glad that you got it working!

That's weird, if it works using randomized then it should work too when changing them manually.

Could be a UI issue, not sure tho.

If you have the time, can you capture a video of the issue? That would help us a lot in understanding the issue more.

Hey, just tested it and it's working fine on our end.

Can you share more details? Something like step by step to reproduce this?

Does the issue only when coloring skin? or does it also happen to other parts as well?

No, that is not allowed. 

That's basically the same as reselling the asset.

Hey, sorry I missed the notification.

This is unfortunately not possible with our current setup. 

Animation is not the issue. Doing this would mean we have to add a new picture for each part (eyes, nose, mouth, facial hair, helmet, etc) for every angle. 

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Just tested it, and it's working fine on our end. Unfortunately we can't replicate the issue.

I'm sure you already did this, but just to make sure, this is how to install packs. 

Manual Install:

  1. Download the add-on pack (make sure to download the correct version, in this case, Standalone Pack)
  2. Extract/Unzip the pack
  3. Put the unzipped file (it should have .pack extension) into the "Packs" folder under your main CC2D installation folder

Using Desktop App:

  1. Go to your library
  2. Find the add-on pack thumbnail
  3. Right click the thumbnail and click install
  4. In the install window, choose Standalone Pack
  5. For install location, browse for "Packs" folder under your main CC2D installation.
  6. Click Install

Can you try installing them again?

Hello, it's not fully supported.

The closest thing is that you can export character to a sprite atlas that looks like this:

alright, I think I've found a fix for this.

I need to do a couple more tests,  but if nothing goes wrong, it should be in the next update!

Hey, thank you so much for this!

My main suspicion right now, is the different decimal symbol.

So value that is supposedly 0.15 became 15 instead. 

Does your computer use language where the decimal symbol is not dot? 

Hey, thanks for the additional info!

In those values, which decimal point symbol are used? is it using dot or comma?

I was suspecting it has something to do with regional settings, where other symbol is used instead of dot in decimal point.

But I've tried changing my regional settings and it still works as expected, so I'm not so sure anymore.

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Yeah I've tried on a fresh system and still can't reproduce the issue, that's why we're stumped. So far these two are the only reports of this particular bug, we're still trying to figure out what causes this.

You can upload it somewhere, cloud or youtube, and paste the link here. That would be the easiest, I think. Or you can send it to our email contact @ simpleton . rocks


Follow up questions, if you don't mind. Were you able to save and load your own custom presets? Or is it also showing the same issue?

Hi there!

We still can't reproduce the issue.

Can you provide us a step by step on how to reproduce this?

Screenshots when this happen would also be extremely helpful!


Thank for reporting this!

Sounds like similar issue with this one:

Are you using the latest version of CC2D? Currently the latest version is 1.70

Hi, after a quick test, we can't seem to replicate the issue. Everything works as it should on our end.

Can you provide us with a complete step by step of what you do to trigger this?  

Also, screenshots on what it looks like would be extremely helpful.

Hey, thanks for reporting this! We'll take a look immediately! 

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I see, thanks for the explanation!

Currently there is no direct way to do this for CC2D, I'm afraid.

But you can do this manually, prefab generated from CC2D is basically just a bunch of Sprites. You can do this by editing the prefab, click the Show Child button, and disable Auto Hide Children. You should be able to see the children of the prefab now.

Then you can  set the Rendering Layer Mask for each renderer under the prefab.

You can also automate this using script, of course. Which should be much faster and easier.

PS. Disable InitializeOnAwake after modifying the prefab, so that your changes won't get overridden in runtime.


By layer did you mean the sorting layer? If so, you can change the sorting layer and the sorting order from the SortingGroup component of your character prefab. 

If you meant layer as in layer (the one at the top of the inspector), then you can change the layer of your saved prefab from the inspector. Apply it to all its children, then make sure to disable InitializeOnAwake on your prefab, so that the layer setting won't get overridden when you run the game.