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Character Creator 2D

Character creation and customization tool · By mochakingup

Export weapons as single image

A topic by stancubes created 56 days ago Views: 66 Replies: 2
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Hey, I recently purchased your character creator including various expansions to create chars with animations for my upcoming browsergame.

A question I have: Is it possible to access the weapons equipped alone and export them? If - how is that possible?

Thank you for your answer and thank you for making such a great tool!

Ps: I'm using the standalone-version.


Hello, sorry for the slow response!

it's not possible to export parts individually, but it's possible to export to an atlas that you can then crop by yourself, as seen here:

but as another user just pointed out in the forum, this is currently bugged in version 1.90, so please stand by for a fix on that.

Thank you for the fast reply and the atlas fix.

The standalone version is dying a lot on my virtual machine running under mac os but I'll try the unity version later. Still a great tool you developed and I'm looking forward to future (content) updates and packs!