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im also think about changing controls, also i try plug in my usb controller but is not respond

Next Spartans and Persians ! :D

pixelart is my favourite style, easy to edit. Thank You

when your character will have segmented parts like gloves, arm, pants, shirt, boots, helmet (not one white suit) then will be easy to edit color to each part of uniform an make lot of characters

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great i reccomended you toot on my YT chanel for Construc3 users

Ok im waiting for your feature. I like your tool

its possible to export edited Sprite sheet with color? Because i see only "Save gray Sprite"

BUG? hello can you check export option? In gray scale whole sprite sheet exports ok BUT with color i receive one file with 7x2px (1kb)

Hello, Your tiles are fantastic. Do you have any idea how can i use your all (separated) tiles to make tilemap? i mean all tiles in one png file?

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hello, i dont have posibility to make payment with paypal, i cant login "Sorry, something went wrong on our end. Please try again."

so when i choose my visa card, did this option have addational  commission or /and for currency conversion? (im from Poland)

or maybe Revolut is better?

Hello, can you add save game in exiting game? When i play few hours i cant exit without losing my character and sometimes game crashes so also i cant save my game. Pozdrawiam! fajna gra :)

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only c2 because i use third party addon plugin to make time calculation. But addon its used only for 3 events (for each raw material) so this example its still good for start learning

how i can make interaction with Annie? i have Rebuild version

hi i paste localisation of downloaded (csound) plugins and successfully installed, but where is executable file to open program?

Try download any .blend model and open in blender then export to gltf. That model cause problen when intype his path in C3

hi, i try import his tree low poly model but i receive error:

Error report information

Type: unhandled rejection Reason: Error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'data') @ TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'data') at GltfModel.transformNode (blob: at GltfModel.getPolygons (blob: at Object3DInstance.doInit 

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its C3 limitation, this issue is also with in original based 3d shape plugin i ask on forum about this:

Hi, i see Your tool have lot of instruments, can you tell me what instrument can give me more tribal sounding ?

yes, its for You Tube videos but, prompter is for people who want to record long speeches, r it displays the text that you read and speak to the camera. The second feature of the prompter is that the text is displayed right under the camera so you cannot see that you are reading the text. Read in google more about prompter / teleprompter to understand. (tip: presidenst use prompter to speech in TV auditions)

You can read text from screen and record using camera in your laptop

When i try run on my win 10

LowLevelFatalError [File:Unknown] [Line: 853] 

Rendering thread exception:

LowLevelFatalError [File:Unknown] [Line: 258] 

Result failed 

 at D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Windows/D3D11RHI/Private/D3D11Viewport.cpp:389 


0x0000000076f1b502 KERNELBASE.dll!UnknownFunction []

0x0000000000fd6673 UE4Game-Win32-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction []

0x00000000004c0077 UnknownFunction []


0x00000000006e0045 UnknownFunction []

0x0000000000ed9e47 UE4Game-Win32-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction []

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Its possible to import to c3 3d model without purhase "better fbx importer / exporter" ? i try use original export option from blender 2.93.5. On preview i see 3d model in game but on layout editor is not visible.

EDIT, i try using BLENDER and 3DsMax to export simple gltf models, but this dont work correctly

"Failed to open project. Check it is a valid Construct 3 single-file (.c3p) project." when i try open all your c3p projects

hello, i use your tilesets in my tutorial project: i mentioned about in description.

Hey its construct 2

How many animations have each character?

Hi. Consider adding other characters from Edo age. Ninja looking like peasant, samurai, samurai with armor, civil man/ woman.

Yes also. I reply you for your other characters. Graphics have potential

Hi, you added new character. Maybe add other similiar characters for existing products? I mean if you have one alien maybe add few other aliens

Take look for example at press "D" to take damage, you can change this in events: If "projectile" have collision with another object "Player" Substract damage, its easy to change for Construct users. Also all group of events have own group to see where events starts and end

usefull :)

Nice maybe add throwing shuriken / kunai animation?

There is only 3 levels, Cementary, Woods and house.

Its only alpha version and graphics are low quality:) just making this in free time.

Its totally free


No ninja in set? :(

Touch dont works