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OK :) i wish you luck with co op with scirra devs to receive enough support

Hi, I'm trying to replace the old '3d Face light' lighting type with a new one, but I'm having no luck so far. Should the 'Fog exponential' and the old '3d Face light' plugin be removed from the project, or can they stay?

hi, any chance to add tutorial where edit size / position/ color for light in js code?

voted, lighting / shadows is must be for all serious game engines

its construct 3

hi, when i run game on my win 10 64bit i only receive 'warning' screen and game dont run

im sure my textures are not from command & conquer game series :) i make this textures from bigger images than C&C game have

Thanks, i upload hotfix today!

Awsome :)

What system you have?

Hello, please check this quide:

Thanks for clear answer i try use js or wait 

ok, there is any chance to use this new method without SJ code?

How you do that? I instal new version of plugin, i run my game and i dont receive better performance

Prabably yes but not in this year yet

hi, i noticed something weird, in layout editor sometimes when i open project i see big scale chair model. When i run game all models have good scale, when i restart / reload construct 3 and open project again everything looks normal again. Everything works fine after all but i think you maybe should know. I wish you everything happy in new year, also congrats about our receved goal :)

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all other controllers and kay bindindings will be added put not in 2024 year,  im waiting for XBox integration with html5 first.

This game is made from scrath in Java script so all mode will be not available for this version. But this game will be avaliable as open source.

This game will be have restoration project update

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You have right, when i try put one thing into container item back to inventory. I found this bug and will be fixed


1 Barter function is more less next thing to do.

Question2 You can already put things into containers, leave scene and back, and you should find your items in container. 

Maybe you found bug? What container dont work?

3 For now not possible, everything is stored in browser memory

i try, after preview 3DObjectPhysics.c3p  i have black screen only

ok, i will find this bug and fix

i send you mail now

ok. Hard to say, more less 2-3 weeks is a upodate. Its lot to work so i dont add 'To do list' it depends

i see lot of work. lot of sprites i feel R&M style. Do more!

thanks. "Roadmap for Full Release" explain me what you means ?

Hello Mikal, i found solution, i export to FBX and convert to GLB and this works.

i have two suggestions, can you add rotate 3d object by mouse cursor?

Second suggestion is more important, when i rotate using object Properties is good also but his collision area is always Square shape thats why my suggestion is to make this collision area exacly same as 3d shapes real area? or maybe can you add set collision area just like in sprite editor?

Hi i use software. If you have any question please create topic under this site, this page will be best for that kind questionsa about game dev:

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Hi, thanks for reply. I check export options and its very simple with no many options to choose, check out gif:

i only can GLB export or FBX.

Your file works much better with no glitches.

Also i try now VERGE 3D plugin for 3dsmax to export gltf or glb file

I try open GLTF and GLB file on Construct and i receive red screen error files you can download and check here

I use 3ds max because i learned this sof on the past. I courious what version of blender you use to export right file?

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hi, i figure out this black texture effect, (i use newest 3ds max version) but here is another problem, so check this video. Imported glb model in C3 have missing polygons / shapes part

also here is glb model to test

ok. i have another question about importing 3d models. i have simple table. im wondering why i receive different result.

On photos i use this same model, first is only table, second table + things

result is visible on screen. I dont know why second is pitch black ? i use this same method of exporting model (always i use baked textures) thats why i dont know where is error

any ideas how fix this?

hi, i have question, i try upload Your 3D pumpkin model into my game. I use Normalized Z axis scale, your project use Regular scale. So im wondering Its a bug when i receive stretched 3d objects?

yes if question or bug will be around already added code, yes, im still in game development

just download on your device and run .exe 

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Hi, no third party addons / plugins. just raw construct code. on archive you receive c2 and c3 file

on character creation page you dont have skill points. Just TAG points. Its red small buttons on left side of skill name

steal skill added

hi, stealing skill is not ready yet ;) im working now 

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if successfully i made F2 i think make F1 will be possile. Maybe F1 will be better because i gain experience now