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Jonasz O.

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is already full version?

Tileset Gen community · Created a new topic Blank page

maybe you dont know but this is blank screen

its possible to download demo?

Hello, what kind of games should Use this plugin?

when you relase new characters?

this is not for windows right?

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Ok i got it. Can you add zoom in next relase? i mean zoom few times in Preview windows and Sprite Render window ?

Im wondering why i receive that big difference between rendered sprite in Pixel Designer and exported render animation?

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Why one pixel in exported animation have 4x4 px ? 

Gray/white is part of animation, orange dots its one pixel. 

How make animation in oirginal size? Even when i set in Reference image options Scale to 0.25, that dont help

Do some post apocalipyic characters

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hello, maybe make some pixelart postapocaliptic chartacters ?

can you add posibility to rotate by 5 percent for example ?

Sprite community · Created a new topic i cant download

download dont work

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will be more useful if you add one click isometric/ top down/ platform view

what winner can receive?

Check your email

Hello, i purhase your sprites to support you because you have nice animation of ninja character. Can you add Samurai character?

Hi, please try again now