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Gunmetal Arcadia Zero

Unrest brews in the city of Arcadia, and a monstrous enemy approaches. · By J. Kyle Pittman

Pay-What-You-Want and Steam Greenlight Sticky

A topic by J. Kyle Pittman created Oct 21, 2016 Views: 1,756 Replies: 18
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Hey all! Gunmetal Arcadia Zero was originally released in May 2016 as a Humble Original, an exclusive to subscribers of the Humble Monthly bundle. I'm now making it available to all, and as a way of thanking you for your patience in the interim, I'm releasing Gunmetal Arcadia Zero on with a special introductory pay-what-you-want offer. This will only be available for a week; starting November 8, the minimum price will be set at $5.99.

During this week, if you pay $3.99 or more, you'll also receive the complete Gunmetal Arcadia Zero soundtrack.

I've just launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for Gunmetal Arcadia Zero, which you can find here:

I would greatly appreciate your vote! Please spread the word on social media!

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy Gunmetal Arcadia Zero!

— J. Kyle Pittman

Question: What is the GunPreq.dmg file?


It's a disk image file for Mac. You should be able to mount it (by double-clicking or using hdiutil in the terminal) and extract the contents, which will be an application ( and a link to the Applications folder, where you can drag and drop the app.

Oh, thanks. Probably don't need it cause I'm on pc. Looking forward to giving it a try!


One of the best games in this site, rly



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actually, more like one of the best games I've ever played, and you can trust me, I'm a game designer(kinda, just in game design college for now...)

What price do I have to pay here to get a Steam key when it releases on Steam?

Is the soundtrack available for download yet? I bought the game the day it was released, paid more than $3.99 but I can't seem to find it in the downloads section. I'm not used to, maybe I'm looking on the wrong page?


Ah, I'm seeing that too. I suspect what may have happened is when I changed the minimum price for the soundtrack after the pay-what-you-want week, it probably blocked access to anyone who hadn't paid the new minimum. That's my fault, sorry. If you can send me an email (jpittman at gmail dot com), I'll send you a download link.

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Hi. I purchased Gunmetal Arcadia Zero on with the hopes that one day a Steam key would be part of the bundle. When do you expect to add Steam keys to the package?


I added the keys a few days ago, and I've confirmed that some of them have been received, but I'm not certain they're showing up for everyone as I expected they would.

I suspect keys may not be accessible for pay-what-you-want purchases that were below the current minimum price. That wasn't my intent, and unfortunately, I think these will have to be handled on a case-by-case basis.

If you could please send me an email (jpittman at gmail dot com) from the address associated with your account, I'll mail you back a key.

Thank you. I've sent you an email, as I have also reminded you in the Steam forum. Once again, thank you.

Very strange; I paid slightly below the current minimum price ($5.00), but I still got a Steam key.

OTOH, the soundtrack has gone AWOL (mail already sent).

I just checked a few other games I bought on during a sale, and nothing seems to have disappeared there - does this perhaps only happen with pay-what-you-want games without a minimum price? (I guess otherwise a bug like ""dev increases price -> items in a user's download page go *POOF*" would long have been noticed...:-))

@yetanotherone. I have a spare bandcamp code in case you want it. If you do, email me at ironcurtain at samuelabram dot com…

Thanks - I already got a Bandcamp key from the dev!

Ah, okay. Glad you're taken care of!

can I get a key too?


Yes, please send me an email (jpittman at gmail dot com) from the address associated with your account.