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Thank you! ^^

Alrighty, thank you!

Hey there! Tunnels and trolls can require players to roll a lot of dice, sometimes a lot of dice! Is there a formula to get the app to ask the user how many dice they want to roll before the dice is rolled? Example: Character 1 has to make a roll for a 5d6 weapon, their enemy is a Worm with a roll of 7d6. Next turn, the Character wants to use another weapon that is 3d6, and their enemy is rolling with a 10d6. Can I do something like that?

Hello there. Thank you for wanting to try Patches! I apologize for the error you're getting. I'll be looking into it here shortly. If you did purchase the game, please ask for a refund, you should not have gotten an error. Once again, thank you for your support and thank you for wanting to try Patches. I will attempt to let you know when this is resolved. Thank you again.


Thank you! ^^

Hello there, thank you for your comment. Yes the game is still not available right now. Apologies. It is still being worked on. It should be available again soon. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for the heads up. Didn't know this.

Hey there, just wanted to check up on what the license for this was?

Thanks for supporting the bundle and trying out the game! If the screen doesn't move that should mean you've hit the edge of the map. There are traps in the forest, if I remember correctly. There is also a witch that teleports you back if you get in her range I also think I MAY have put a seed right next to the character. Not sure. Thanks for the feedback and giving the game a go! If you want to still help me out you can follow Moon Plants of Horror! Thanks again!

Hi there! Thanks for pointing that out!

Hello there, sorry I'm late. Here's the game I'd like to submit for consideration for this project:

Has anyone got any progress in screenshot form to show yet? Post it here!

Thanks for your support!

Hi! Thank you again for your Let's Play! I'll hopefully be addressing some of your concerns in the future! If you have an itchio press account don't forget to link your review to the game! Thanks again!

Oh, thanks. Probably don't need it cause I'm on pc. Looking forward to giving it a try!

Question: What is the GunPreq.dmg file?

Don't forget to add it to the submission feed!

Don't forget to add your games to the submission feed!

Cyberpunk Jam 2.0 community · Created a new topic Rules
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These are the exact rules again. For those who missed them on the main page.

  • Don't be mean.
  • Don't submit games not finished for this jam*.
  • Please consider making the games open source afterwards.
  • Please mark games with adult content as NSFW.
  • *If you participated in the first cyberpunk jam and would like to make a sequel to or improve upon that game, you may do so.
  • *Barring the above rule, please use mostly original content that belongs to you.
  • If you lack the talent to create assets, you may use assets you did not create according to their individual licenses. Not everything needs to be made from scratch. This is not ludum dare, cheat your pants off.
  • Please consider making any or all characters, including mains, a minority.
  • Please only submit "games" and "not games" in a usable state.

Again. Please only submit "games and "not games" in a usable or playable state. Do not submit other forms of media or non- "games" and "not games".

DO NOT submit experiences that are currently undergoing a type of crowdfunding.

I have done a couple of things. I realized that I had ended the submission day on the end of the week. Usually non-typical for game jams. So I stuck with tradition and they now end the following Monday, July 29th.

Which, coincidentally happened to be the end of voting. So I changed that too to a week or so later.

Enjoy the little extra time. :)

Making a game already? Cool! Share it here! Or post a thread about it in the forums!

Keep the community together!

Right now there's at least 3 being developed that I know of so far! Post your games here and in the forums!

Have fun everyone!