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That was fantastic!

Of what work published in 1928 is this an adaptation?

Ooh, forgot to mention, Tigger also entered the public domain, due to his first appearance in A.A. Milne's House at Pooh Corner, which was published in 1928 in the US and therefore entered the public domain here in the US! 

Yes, you can do a Mickey Mouse game! However, with the caveats that

A. you can only do the Mickey Mouse from the Steamboat Willie cartoon, not from later cartoons

B. you can't make people think you are produced by, endorsed by, or affiliated with the Walt Disney Company.

As long as you follow those two rules, you should be fine!

I call him "Petey". In fact, the fact that Steamboat Willie's copyright expired in the US has led me to write a short story where Mickey Mouse has a gender transition into Minnie Mouse!

If I may quote J. Jonah Jameson,

> Slander is spoken. In print, it's libel.

I loved it! 

I thought this game was excellent, and very worthy of a prize! Good luck!

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The game worked on my iPhone X. I'm not having any issues thereon.

Wow. Just Wow. That was a really fantastic journey! Thank you for making this!

I LOVE IT!!! It reminds me of a more graphical version of those old-school adventure games, such as Zork!

Great game! I enjoyed playing it!

Great game!

Good luck, McGee!

Nope, you nailed it perfectly!

I apologize for not making that clear. :(

Not a problem! Happy to help!

This contest only applies to copyright law in the US and not to copyright law (or droit d'auteur) in France. The only compositions of Ravel's which are eligible for this contest are the ones which are made in 1926, as the copyrights to those expired in the US (you can use Ravel's compositions before 1926, but they won't be eligible for the contest).

Is that clear?

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I think I can answer:

> So apparently anything made before 1923 will go into Public Domain on January 1 (which was yesterday at my time of writing), so does that mean I can just record a song from the 1910’s or something and add it to my game?

Close; any sound recording made before 1923 went into the public domain yesterday. The underlying compositions prior to 1923 were already public domain and have been for many decades. So that means, making covers of 1910's songs won't count, but using recordings that were made in the 1910's definitely do! 

> Can I get a painting from the 1910’s and turn them into sprites?

You're allowed to do that, but in order to be eligible for the contest it must be from 1926 if it's not a sound recording.

> do I have to make something based OFF OF them and not directly copy them?

Either/or. You can make something based off of paintings from 1926 or directly copy them.

It's okay! You could look here for guidance as to what has entered the public domain (for instance, Bambi and Winnie-The-Pooh have entered the public domain!). You have tons to choose from!

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BTW, sound recordings before 1923 entered the public domain on January 1, 2022, so that means you could sample from them to your heart's delight (I realize it doesn't explicitly say it in the game jam, but they're fair game! If you don't believe me, ask Randy Lubin!)!

Check out Blockbench, which is a FLOSS app where you can create low-poly models easily!

Is the game out yet? I thought it was out. If not, why can't I download episode II?

I played this game till the end and I enjoyed it very much! I can't wait until Part II!

Hey Rob! Here's a write-up of your game in Techdirt!

It's been my pleasure. Now you can truthfully and honestly call yourself an "award-winning game developer". ;-)

And you won best digital game! Congratulations!

Congratulations on winning best Digital Game of the Gaming Like It's 1925 jam!

Thanks for agreeing to take part of this game jam, even though you're hosting another one! You remind me of CD Projekt Red in the case of managing one place (you: Gatsby Jam :: CDPR : GOG) whilst serving another (you: Gaming Like It's 1925 :: CDPR : Steam/EGS).

I really appreciate that!

Thanks for making a game jam from a book I read in high school, and encouraging games which could then be added to the Gaming Like It's 1925 game jam (I celebrate one "Gaming Like It's 192X" jam each year since 2019)!

Seriously, thank you!

Hi. Is there any way to save the game? Every time I close the game's window in order to exit the program, I lose my progress and have to start all over in the beginning.

Are you going to fix this? Maybe you'll remake the game in a different engine (such as Unity)?

Thank you!

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I think I'll provide a content warning: there is domestic abuse in this game (as there is in the novel).

Great Game! However, I suggest you provide a content warning that there is domestic abuse in the game.

please also submit to the…Oh, never mind, you also submitted to the Gaming Like It's 1925 Jam! Never mind!

Wonderful! You made something fantastic and I hope you win a prize!

Oh, and I edited my second statement in, which was probably why you weren't able to read it! No need to apologize, the culpa is all mea!

Thank you so, so much!

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Please submit this game to the Gaming Like It's 1925 game jam

This is one of those games that makes me so grateful that we have a public domain; because great remixes like your game can legally be done!

This game has nothing to do with the rules of this Jam. Please remove it.