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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! It's not for me, but for friends of mine who have major internet problems. Once again, thank you so much!

Great game! Is it possible to release the game in a format that's downloadable, i.e. playable without need for an internet connection?

I would like to offer you my heartfeltest congratulations on winning the prize for best analog game!

Considering that you make high quality, award-winning works based on public domain material, you may be this generation's Walt Disney! 

Maybe not, but I can dream!

You won best Digital Game! Congrats (it was well-deserved too, IMHO)!

On what work published in 1924 is this game based?

If I were a judge, I'd name this the best overall. It's got great graphics and an inventive game mechanic to boot!

This is a lot of fun! I was wasting a lot of time playing this interactive fiction game!

This looks wonderful! And From the same book that gave us Winnie The Pooh (though he was actually "Mr. Edward Bear" in his first appearance).

Ah, okay. Glad you're taken care of!

@yetanotherone. I have a spare bandcamp code in case you want it. If you do, email me at ironcurtain at samuelabram dot com…

Thank you. I've sent you an email, as I have also reminded you in the Steam forum. Once again, thank you.

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Hi. I purchased Gunmetal Arcadia Zero on with the hopes that one day a Steam key would be part of the bundle. When do you expect to add Steam keys to the package?