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The Gatsby Jam is coming to a close!

A topic by wannabegames created Jan 31, 2021 Views: 70 Replies: 1
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Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Gatsby coming to the public domain. 
From platformers to board games, to rhythm games (real jazzy) I was so excited to see all the different takes on the medium. 
We are hoping to play & spread awareness of these great games and creators. Both through social media, & gathering players for a fun time on the discord. If you checked something out please remember to drop a review for people; it does wonders on this website.

If you are going to submit a game after the "due date" let me know, times are weird, and no reason you should worry about it not being done yet. Gatsby is the publics' plaything now, you can do whatever you want with it. 

Thanks again for all these wonderful games and for embracing the idea.


Wannabe Games

Thanks for making a game jam from a book I read in high school, and encouraging games which could then be added to the Gaming Like It's 1925 game jam (I celebrate one "Gaming Like It's 192X" jam each year since 2019)!

Seriously, thank you!