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Wonderful. Solid story with excellent character development, and a mystery that you can actually solve if you're paying attention. I loved the ending *sly wink*

That sly wink implies that I know something about the ending.

This was great! Very Obra Dinn (a game that I also adore!)

Absolutely go do this!

Check it out here,

Pretty cool stuff!
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So fun! Love it. (Also, my record is 14!)

We're so excited to announce the release of Wannabe Games's second major game: The Means of Magick!

The Means of Magick is a tabletop RPG set in the aftermath of the Magick-Industrial Revolution. Megacorps are vying for control of the economy by extracting mass amounts of magick from the earth, which is slowly killing the planet. Players will have to face off against magickal natural disasters, corrupted flora and fauna, and the insidious corporations themselves.

Click here to go to our project page!

It's a new system designed to provide tension in a scene while supporting your storytelling. Each action you take in a scene builds you toward a Stress Break, where your character loses their cool and control in some way, and the Narrator gets to add a complication or consequence to the scene.

My favorite part of the setting is the FAI--sentient automatons created when magick inhabits technology that becomes too advanced. They're a combination of fae lore and artificial intelligence (two of my passions!)


A page of from the Means of Magick.

I'd love it if you gave it a look!


Hey everyone, we will be updating rules with new playtest versions quite often as we work on this. If you find the description of a rule unclear let me know here. We will have a more complete feedback form attached later, but clarity might get in the way early, and I want to be open to changes asap. 

Super super cute and fun. I want another game like this!

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Gatsby coming to the public domain. 
From platformers to board games, to rhythm games (real jazzy) I was so excited to see all the different takes on the medium. 
We are hoping to play & spread awareness of these great games and creators. Both through social media, & gathering players for a fun time on the discord. If you checked something out please remember to drop a review for people; it does wonders on this website.

If you are going to submit a game after the "due date" let me know, times are weird, and no reason you should worry about it not being done yet. Gatsby is the publics' plaything now, you can do whatever you want with it. 

Thanks again for all these wonderful games and for embracing the idea.


Wannabe Games

The Gatsby Jam community · Created a new topic Jam Extended

Common sentiment right now is that working is very very hard. This should be fun, not stressful. So we are going for an extra 2 weeks. Don't stress out about your entry, and if you get stuck feel free to come by the discord and ping KittyCrusade for some rubberducking time. 

"What if Gatsby had faked his own death and escaped on a speedboat?"
The one thing High School Englisher teachers DONT want you to know.

Heck yes! Do this!

Hey, all! Tomorrow at 9 p.m. EST, Alex and I are going to host a stream where we make our Gatsby Jam game live, talk to some other designers, and play some games! We'd love for you to join us and talk about your game ideas!

And our discord is already linked on the game jam page.

lmao. He sounds like a shitty magician when referred to like that. 

Hey, all! What are you thinking about for your game?

Have you already started making one? We were thinking about making a party game where the 'green light' is a Taco Bell.

Played this while actually trying to insert a USB drive and the results were pretty much 1:1. Extremely realistic simulation, 5/5 stars.

This is so cool.

That's just a metaphor for the American Dream, babyyyy

It's the eyes that always stayed with me, more so than anything else in the book. --Jess

The Great American Wiki Entry.

Do you have fond memories of the book?

It's one of those fortnite dances.

Did you? Have you? Will you?

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Dr. Krueger helped me get over my fear of ducks! Thanks, Dr. K!

(Great game, thanks!)

I cried! It's so good!

Yeah, I tried to make it so you could do some of them online, but everything is difficult nowadays. A good way to adjust for missions like GALA is by look at people's selfies as you scroll through social media!

Thanks for playing and letting me know how it went! :) Glad you had fun!


Our small idea evolved into a 17-page story. We wrote "3 Threads" with a focus on how Folk Lore and Oral History transpire into actual stories. The choices you make while playing directly translate into a pick-your-own-adventure-poem when you are done the adventure.  If anyone feels like checking it out I would be happy to send out copies. Email me at We are always looking for feedback from creators and would love to have more people check it out.