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"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

That's how F. Scott Fitzgerald's seminal work, The Great Gatsby,  ended.


That's right--The Great Gatsby is finally entering the public domain, and that means YOU can sell a game based off of this famous IP without having to buy a license. Whether you love the book or lied to your high school English teacher about reading it, you have the chance to rewrite a great American novel into the game or game-adjacent work of your (unattainable, painful) dreams.

Remake The Great Gatsby into the homoerotic TTRPG that every old-fangled professor denies that it is. Reimagine it as the space opera "Jay Gatsby: Intergalactic Fop." Design mechanics for old-timey vehicular manslaughter. The world is your oyster!

Now let's party like it's 1920 and you're trying to impress the love of your life with your opulent lifestyle in a thinly-veiled metaphor for the American dream! 

This jam is organized by Jess Geyer and Alex Sprague of Wannabe Games. Join us on our Discord server to talk about the jam here!


  • Anything that is not part of The Great Gatsby must be your own work or work that you have rights to.
  • Tabletop games, video games, and related resources are all valid entries.
  • Multiple submissions are OK!
  • Don't sell your game before January 1st, 2021. (It's illegal in the U.S. until the book officially enters public domain. If you live elsewhere, figure it out yourself. We're not responsible for any law-breaking.)
  • It's not necessary to read the book. In fact, Alex recommends that you don't.

(Background courtesy AnnaliseArt of Pixabay. Header image remix by Alex Sprague.)


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The best medium to experience F. Scott Fitzgerald's American classic - Rhythm Action
Play in browser
A 2d7 game of decadence, crime, and justice. For 1 or more players.
You're a rich and famous rodent trying to win back your love! While a rival seeks to kill you in cold blood.
A Platformer About F. Scott Fitzgerald's Famous Novel
Play in browser
Relive the adventures of Nick and Gatsby in this tabletop game!
WSCAHack of Beautiful & Damned by Robot Francis
The great gatsby, but ponified
A two-page TTRPG about escaping the Ash Heaps.