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Hi. I purchased Gunmetal Arcadia Zero on itch.io with the hopes that one day a Steam key would be part of the bundle. When do you expect to add Steam keys to the package?

I added the keys a few days ago, and I've confirmed that some of them have been received, but I'm not certain they're showing up for everyone as I expected they would.

I suspect keys may not be accessible for pay-what-you-want purchases that were below the current minimum price. That wasn't my intent, and unfortunately, I think these will have to be handled on a case-by-case basis.

If you could please send me an email (jpittman at gmail dot com) from the address associated with your itch.io account, I'll mail you back a key.

Thank you. I've sent you an email, as I have also reminded you in the Steam forum. Once again, thank you.

Very strange; I paid slightly below the current minimum price ($5.00), but I still got a Steam key.

OTOH, the soundtrack has gone AWOL (mail already sent).

I just checked a few other games I bought on itch.io during a sale, and nothing seems to have disappeared there - does this perhaps only happen with pay-what-you-want games without a minimum price? (I guess otherwise a bug like ""dev increases price -> items in a user's download page go *POOF*" would long have been noticed...:-))

@yetanotherone. I have a spare bandcamp code in case you want it. If you do, email me at ironcurtain at samuelabram dot com…

Thanks - I already got a Bandcamp key from the dev!

Ah, okay. Glad you're taken care of!