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That was... strange. 8-)

Wow, that was quick... :-)

I just tried it out in the client and it works perfectly - thank you very much!

I've only played it for few minutes so far, but I think I'll enjoy it a lot - very cute and funny! :-)

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It seems that the "PC" version runs fine on Linux (like most Ren'Py VNs), but the game page doesn't indicate this, and the app
refuses to install the game on Linux.

(Of course, manual download works fine.)

Could you perhaps change the settings for this download to indicate it's for Linux, too? 

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There's a now search function on the bundle's download page, and they promised to add an "Add all games to library" button later.

What version of the game would I be buying here? I'm guessing it's not any mobile version (though some devs distribute side-loadable Android games on

So, it's probably the "PC version" - but what does this mean? Just Windows, or Mac/Linux, too?

And lastly: what is the "activation key"? A Steam key? If so, will there be a DRM-free version, too?

Thanks - I already got a Bandcamp key from the dev!

Very strange; I paid slightly below the current minimum price ($5.00), but I still got a Steam key.

OTOH, the soundtrack has gone AWOL (mail already sent).

I just checked a few other games I bought on during a sale, and nothing seems to have disappeared there - does this perhaps only happen with pay-what-you-want games without a minimum price? (I guess otherwise a bug like ""dev increases price -> items in a user's download page go *POOF*" would long have been noticed...:-))

Thanks for the version 3.0 update, and the Linux version!

On Linux, the game refuses to run because of some missing "executable" permissions; this is easily fixed:

cd AWCA-3.0-all/AWCA-3.0-all/ # strange nested folder ;-)

chmod +x lib/linux-x86_64/AWCA lib/linux-i686/AWCA

(I guess the zipfile was created on a Windows box, which has no notion of "executable" mode bits...)

It seems there are no Linux binaries, even though the description claims that there's Linux support?!?