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What version of the game would I be buying here? I'm guessing it's not any mobile version (though some devs distribute side-loadable Android games on

So, it's probably the "PC version" - but what does this mean? Just Windows, or Mac/Linux, too?

And lastly: what is the "activation key"? A Steam key? If so, will there be a DRM-free version, too?

Thanks - I already got a Bandcamp key from the dev!

Very strange; I paid slightly below the current minimum price ($5.00), but I still got a Steam key.

OTOH, the soundtrack has gone AWOL (mail already sent).

I just checked a few other games I bought on during a sale, and nothing seems to have disappeared there - does this perhaps only happen with pay-what-you-want games without a minimum price? (I guess otherwise a bug like ""dev increases price -> items in a user's download page go *POOF*" would long have been noticed...:-))

Thanks for the version 3.0 update, and the Linux version!

On Linux, the game refuses to run because of some missing "executable" permissions; this is easily fixed:

cd AWCA-3.0-all/AWCA-3.0-all/ # strange nested folder ;-)

chmod +x lib/linux-x86_64/AWCA lib/linux-i686/AWCA

(I guess the zipfile was created on a Windows box, which has no notion of "executable" mode bits...)

It seems there are no Linux binaries, even though the description claims that there's Linux support?!?