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Drawn by Moises, colorized by Rodrigo

Here's our main character in his full glory, hope you like it!

Work done by Moises Mascoli.

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Level design:

First stage sketch:

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Here's a better look:

Work done by Moises Mascoli


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The main protagonist, the one, the savior! The Vagabond:

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Ever looked to the original Prince of Persia (yeah, the DOS one) and thought "hey, this game is great but, why I die every two steps?", well, we did.

Well folks, now presenting the one and only "Vagabond of Persia".

The History:

"In the ancient persia, there lived a sultan. The sultan was a very rich and kind man and had four beatifull daughters.

His first daughter died while performing a belly dance performance, while dancing with a sword. His third daughter became ill, and no doctor could save her. His fourth daughter died in birth, along with the mother, the only woman that trully had the sultan's love.

Left with only one daughter, the sultan did everything to keep her as happy as she could be, but the pain from the previous deaths, the sultan himself become ill from the sadness, and, soon later, came his end.

Alone, the princess found herself a true love, a man from the streets, that now was a prince. But not everything can be happy. Jaffar, the vizier, and a powerfull magician aswell, came to know that the royal Family had a Strong magic sealed, and only a true king or queen could break this seal.

With this in mind, jaffar locked the prince in the deepest dungeon of the castle, and now would marry the princess, and become a true king, and with the power long sealed, conquer the whole world."

What a nice happy story, there's no way a plot twist would happen, right?

New Mechanics:

- roll: when runnig, the player will be able to hit "S", and perform a forward roll

- wall running: when you think Prince of Persia, you think Wall Runnig, right? Well, I do, and that's why you'll be able to hit "K" and wall run!

- skills: the player will get xp from killing enemies, and, with this xp, he'll level up and will be able to buy skills

- weapons: there will be three of them: the bow, medium damage, but long range; the dagger, low damage, but fast; and the sword, high damage, but slow.


- Combat: higher damage/ higher damage/ higher atack speed

- Wall Running: run farther

- Roll: roll faster

- Running: running faster

- Boddy: higher hp/ higher hp (maybe in secret areas)

Remember, thats our idea, and we'll try our best to make it all, and maybe better, and, if you guys like it, make a bigger game, but, everything could change, it depends on our time managing, but at least the game's core will be present.

We'll make 3 stages, the prison, the main hall, and the throne room, with one boss, the vizier, at the end.

can I get a key too?

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actually, more like one of the best games I've ever played, and you can trust me, I'm a game designer(kinda, just in game design college for now...)

One of the best games in this site, rly