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Far Blade

Far Blade 3d Pixelart Boss Rush Adventure · By Bcubedlabs

3d model -> pixel art

A topic by snagglefruit created Apr 06, 2019 Views: 2,457 Replies: 6
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I'm curious about  the method used for this. Your implementation looks really cool. Are you using your own method? If so, any plans on releasing a package or plugin for unity?

Same here! A short youtube tutorial would be nice, too. :D

I would love to know how this is done. Might be cool to see if anyone can replicate this effect in Godot Engine ^^


From the video and screenshots I kind of expected voxels but when I run the game, it looks that it uses normal 3d models with animation limited to key frames (no interpolation). There is no filtering on textures. There are some billboards (trees, flowers) but most of the stuff is just 3d models. The videos and screenshots seem to be taken in a lower resolution that makes the final effect be more pixelated. In 4K, when game runs fullscreen (are there any options?) it still looks nice, but the pixely arty effect is gone :(


they detail it better on twitter.


It was made I think with a 3D modeler(blender,Maya etc.) then he hanpainted it with pixel art, then he rendered it in low resolution

the lack of interpolation on keyframes just makes the movement look like a sprite animation, but doesn't explain how they make 3d models look like pixel art. My guess is that a simple method to accomplish this would be to use low poly models and force a lower resolution, fixed screen size to be used without using anti aliasing.