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Loveman community · Created a new topic

Hello.This looks and feels very cool.I like it,but don't know if it works with

It was made I think with a 3D modeler(blender,Maya etc.) then he hanpainted it with pixel art, then he rendered it in low resolution

So,just tried this game.It's enjoyable.The artstyle is a littlebit offputting.What I liked the most, was the constant fear of spidersXD.They are tought in a good manner.Overall I will give a 58/100 score.The menus need some work;)

Just downloaded^^.I'm going to write a review for you next ;)

PS:Please put more pictures about the gameplay on this site

I'm using windows 10.Thank you for replying^^

The game crashes everytime after the cutscene.It looks interesting.I would prefer the cutscene a little bit slower.And please include some more photos on the page.