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Why the wait on PayPal Payouts?

A topic by CozyCatStudio created Mar 30, 2019 Views: 238 Replies: 6
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Like the title says, why do we have to wait for our payments to clear by manual review? 

Is it a safety issue, or something else? 

Thank you for your time! 


It's an anti-fraud measure. We've had people trying to sell games that didn't belong to them in the past. And there could be other issues I don't know about.

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That's a wonderful measure to take! 

While I agree that antifraud measures important I feel as though that could be avoided through different measures. 

Perhaps a probationary period for the first week/two weeks of payments accepted on newly uploaded games/submissions?  Or even just a set amount of sales per new game could be monitored? 

Once it checks out as legitimate,  payment could be made instant 

Should something slip through, the seller should and could be held responsible via PayPal, independently. 

Just my 2 cents! :) 


I agree, it seems odd to me that every payout is delayed by over a week after the seven day waiting period. I could see why you would want to manually look over a new creator/product, but if the project literally hasn't changed since the last a payout was approved I'm not sure what the reviewer is looking for.


Do you still have the adult bits files?

So how do I gain access to the stuff I already purchased in the old site because I bought a new computer and would like to know where I can do my redownload :)  thank you much luv and support


If you have an account with, and you’ve linked your purchases, you can access your games from your library.

You can gain access to your purchases by email address from this page:

Please don’t post in unrelated topics asking for help.