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give it another try! 

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Please email our customer support at with the paypal/email info you used at checkout and we will get your files to you asap!

please noooo, don’t do this. The atmosphere is perfect and a monster would be too over the top. There’s plenty of back rooms games with monsters already 😭

Actually, after visiting the sales edit page and simply saving it seemed to  fix the problem I had.  Sorry for the confusion, I meant to say the scheduled sale price just wasnt applying when users went to purchase it.
All is well now!

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I'm hosting a black Friday sale on my entire stock but when I put an item into my cart it's regular price. 

Is something bugged? 

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That's a wonderful measure to take! 

While I agree that antifraud measures important I feel as though that could be avoided through different measures. 

Perhaps a probationary period for the first week/two weeks of payments accepted on newly uploaded games/submissions?  Or even just a set amount of sales per new game could be monitored? 

Once it checks out as legitimate,  payment could be made instant 

Should something slip through, the seller should and could be held responsible via PayPal, independently. 

Just my 2 cents! :) 

Like the title says, why do we have to wait for our payments to clear by manual review? 

Is it a safety issue, or something else? 

Thank you for your time!