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(HELP) How do I find my JAR class name?

A topic by Isaktjones created Sep 15, 2016 Views: 335 Replies: 3
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Hey, I created a game in unity and used the build web GL option to save the game. I have tested the game and it runs just fine in my browser so I decided to upload the game and found this site. I understand that the web GL converts everything to java but I don't really know anything about java. This site wants to know the JAR class name and I was just wondering where I find that and what format I am supposed to be putting this in, thanks!!


I don't actually have any experience with Unity, but wouldn't Unity's WebGL option turn your code into javascript, not java? This page does seem to indicate that it is built to javascript (.js), which would make much more sense for a web-based project than java (.jar, .java) which is more used for desktop and android based projects.


Yep. WebGL is part of the HTML5 spec, i.e. basically Javascript. By all accounts, that's what Unity exports. So under "Kind of project" you have to pick HTML, not "Java applet", and upload an ordinary .zip archive containing the exported index.html file and the accompanying folders. There is no class name to worry about. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the quick replies ! I'll try that tomorrow, I thought java and Javascript where the same thing, just diving into coding.