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Confused about uploading game/playing in browser

A topic by Nebulosus created 63 days ago Views: 176 Replies: 15
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Hello all,

I created a game via Unity and I initially exported it as a WebGL game, but the lighting doesn't look anywhere near as good as my original game. I exported it as a standalone game, which runs via an exe. Is there any way to upload that so it would work in the browser? I know it's supposed to have an index.html file in it, but this export doesn't have that. I even tried simply uploading it and changing the option to downloadable, rather than play in browser, but visiting my page after save says that the game is unavailable. Does anyone have advice, or even another way of exporting it? I am super new to this, thanks for bearing with me.


There's no way to play an .exe in the browser. But on any HTML game can also have downloads. Solution: export your game both ways. Upload both versions. Mark the WebGL one as a file to be played in the browser. People will be able to download the other one too, if they prefer.

Okay cool, I will just do that then, thank you!!

It says after I upload the .zip file that it can't find the index.html file. I added a file called that exactly in the .zip file but it still says it can't find the index.html file. I am extremely confused and believe that I am just making the index.html file wrong and just don't know how do it. I made my game in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Free Edition so the html file was the only way I could build the game.  I'm a noob to coding in html and don't know that. Any advice would be extremely helpful.(I posted it in here because it was the  closest  thing I could find for a problem like this.)


What files does Clickteam Fusion export?

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It's called HTML5, I haven't looked into it specifically 


I figured as much. What's the exact list of files it exports for your game?

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The .zip file? I'll put it up later when I get home


So it exports a .zip file? Look inside and see what you can find.

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It wasn't previously a .zip file but I had compressed it during my troubleshooting. This is what the original file contained. The html file opens it in the browser and the folder "src" contains a JavaScript file called "Runtime". The file does work if you open it in the file itself.


There's your problem. It's supposed to be a .zip like that, but the file called "Stickman Standoff.html" should be called "index.html" instead. Only needs to be that way in the .zip file you upload.

So should I rename the file or what should I do?


That's right! Rename the file inside the .zip archive (or before you create the archive).

I'm might try putting the compressed file up as download and see if that would work