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It says after I upload the .zip file that it can't find the index.html file. I added a file called that exactly in the .zip file but it still says it can't find the index.html file. I am extremely confused and believe that I am just making the index.html file wrong and just don't know how do it. I made my game in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Free Edition so the html file was the only way I could build the game.  I'm a noob to coding in html and don't know that. Any advice would be extremely helpful.(I posted it in here because it was the  closest  thing I could find for a problem like this.)

What files does Clickteam Fusion export?

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It's called HTML5, I haven't looked into it specifically 

I figured as much. What's the exact list of files it exports for your game?

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The .zip file? I'll put it up later when I get home

So it exports a .zip file? Look inside and see what you can find.

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It wasn't previously a .zip file but I had compressed it during my troubleshooting. This is what the original file contained. The html file opens it in the browser and the folder "src" contains a JavaScript file called "Runtime". The file does work if you open it in the file itself.

There's your problem. It's supposed to be a .zip like that, but the file called "Stickman Standoff.html" should be called "index.html" instead. Only needs to be that way in the .zip file you upload.

So should I rename the file or what should I do?

That's right! Rename the file inside the .zip archive (or before you create the archive).