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How do you like the game? Sticky

A topic by Mesote created Jan 27, 2019 Views: 707 Replies: 31
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Have you found any bugs? Also, if you liked the game, feel free to rate it :D


This game has some amaizing potential and so far is only 30 mins long but i still found it fun getting xp, upgrading my rockets a launching them. Please keep it up


I will! I now work on hotfix, which implements new user-friendly features. Thanks for the reply! 

Deleted post

Thanks for the post!

Sorry for the polish language in some places, I will add support for language file for those textes. 

For rockets, I am now working on a complete remake of the basic mechanic of the game. Ultimately, they are to be more interesting, demanding and, above all, intuitive. Stay tuned!

Deleted post

Oh, my fail :D Thanks anyway! I found 7 textes without transition last night. I will fix them till next update. Have a good day! :D 


hello dev im probs gonna buy the game however wondering something. do u end up launching rockets to other planets or is it just kinda an econ / real world type game?


Hello! Thanks for asking. 

EarthX is now in a very early stage of development, so you finish the game once you've landed on the planet with the rocket booster. However, we plan to add some Moon and Mars trips in the future. 

You have to give us some time :D 




i understand i was simply inquiring as to the direction of the game and what is planed. deciding if i want to support u by using my you tube and recommending the game and or tech demo as it probably falls into that category 

i also understand what its like to be a young dev and how its easy to get distracted with other projects the fleeting intrests of a young teen and all 

i was also wondering if this was gonna be a game id be into in the future. seems it may be actually havent tried it my first test was to see how active u are on as i only review games from here. (dont get me wrong im a 0 sub count yt just restarted my channel as i didnt like the direction my last channel was going) i plan to build a net work for many small game devs and 1 man teams as well as the games that dont get as much coverage. its the only way to get noticed on yt these days and while others may use itch game from time to time ill be focusing the whole of the channel to 

ok so little tangent there but anyhow im only gonna highly recommend devs that are active. in the futer this may steer other gamers to your game as they visit the channel and see other games with there links and all. so yaaaa srry been a long night when i get alone i have all these ideas in my head and i kinda unload on the first person i can i.e you XD if u havent already been like "this guy is nuts" and you have made it this far in reading i thank u and hope to see what this becomes


Heh, that's interesting.

I'm actually not alone. I got a small team made up from my closer friends. I make games after school, so sometimes I got a lot of time and sometimes I don't.

Aiming for few updates in this month, stay tuned! 


once ive got money on my card ill get it 


Hello ! I loved playing in the demo, event though it was a bit too short for me, I really enjoyed upgrading my rockets! 

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That's sounds nice! Will consider it. :D 


Great, Good luck then ! 


If you are SpaceX fan you Musk try it :D


ok first of I think this game has some pretty insane potential, I love the graphics and it runs very smoothly on my low powered laptop. 

the concept of the game is very appetising for anyone interested in spaceflight which is the main reason I purchased the full game.

though I do have a couple of suggestions from a gameplay perspective.

ok, so as soon as you hit play you are thrust into the main part of the game, im not going to lie it took me about three saves to work out how to play, so my first suggestion would be a tutorial telling people how to play, or even just what the buttons do. nothing fancy just something to point new players in the right direction

secondly I brought all the basic upgrades enough to build my rocket and launch,  I had about 4 blow up before making it into space, thats fine by my I play ksp alot so im used to explosions but you dont get any indication why the rocket exploded, was it engine failure,  structural failure?  I understand if the failure is due to a luck system but personally I would like to see if any specific part of the rocket isnt working ie if you put a large fairing over a small engine/fuel tank, or your engines dont have enough thrust to weight ratio to get up. 

one of the things that I think would make this game feel more complete would be more real life inspired launch sites, so far you only have kennedy space centre,  it kinda doesnt make sense the way you can build your factories in Europe but can only launch in america, it would make more sense only having factory locations near the launch sites.

one thing I couldnt work out is employees, you start with  45 , you can have a max of 250 and a min of 1. so I tried launching with full staff and with min staff,  I couldnt see a difference, I cant see any pros of having more staff or any cons of having less, is this going to be fleshed out in future updates?

A nice addition to the game would be payloads and contracts, being able to choose what to take up to space and how much to charge etc for example space x launch supplies to the ISS every few months and that was their bloodline when they were still growing, it would be cool to be able to do something like that, and different orbits, so if you are just starting out you will only be able to deliver to low earth orbit but as you advance you can build more power powerful rockets to take payloads to geostationary orbits for more income.

thats all from me now, sorry for such a long comment but just wanted to give you my honest opinion while its fresh in my mind, I look forward to seeing this game grow, this comment is just my opinion, others will have different thoughts and ideas but I hope I helped in some small way :) 


Wow. Thanks for this amazing comment!

Most of your suggestions are already on my todo for the next few updates. For example, the next update (0.1.9) introduces new employees system, so you can apply some employees to factories and then module build speed is based up on the employees, you have applied. 

Contracts and orbit choose option will come with the update 0.2.0. With this update the rockets also will have they own requirements, so no more blind rockets build :D

For the factories placing on the earth - I will not touch it in the near future, but someday I will make some sort of company unlock tree, that gives you some options on country unlock and also new launching pads unlock! 

To sum up - thank you for trying out my game. I will care about the new players, adding some tutorials to the game. 



Really good work!! Fun game and see a lot of potential. I agree with the last poster, espcially about the rocket failure and that system. AS it stands now it seems random or at least with no feedback on why it blew up or how I could prevent it. That being said, maybe a part quality system to increase the success rate. One thing could be specialized factoires, one factory just deals with engines, and as they build more hte quality improves due to staff getting better at their jobs.

ANother possib le addtion with launches is a Go - No Go type system, present us with various variable, wind, weather etc and allow us to launch or stand down for an addtional wait to fix issues or wait for better conditions, again adding to the success or failure.

Keep up the good work!


Heh, thanks for the ideas! Rocket explosions will be reworked in the future updates.


I feel like there needs to be more of a tutorial.


Tutorial in game is very simple for now. I will work more on it before Steam release, don't worry! 

Thanks for playing EarthX btw. :D 

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Steam release? By the way will people who supported the game through beta testing get keys for when the game is released on steam? A discord server with supporter roles and supporter only channels could help you distribute keys and manage your community.


Of course! What do you think :D Itch buyers will get Steam keys, this is 100% sure. We already have discord server:


So when you click select factory and you have none availible it shows none availible which is good, but when one factory finishes you have to close and reopen the menu in order for it to update and show the factory, also I love the adition of SpaceX's tesla floating up there in space, I was like "what is that" ?


Hey, thanks!

I'm sure, that the list refreshes itself, hmmm. I will look into it. Thanks for reporting and playing! 

Don't forget to add EarthX to your Steam wishlist:

If you bought the game here, then you will also get your steam key in a few weeks ;) 

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Hi. After playing the game for the first time today, I think this game is a great idea. :)

One thing that confused me was the game doesn't say whether some components are more reliable than others. For example, I tried using a Simple Battery in a Small/LEO rocket since it only cost $20k more.

Also a very minor thing, but "Fairings" should be "Fairing"



Thanks for playing, I didn't know, that "Fairings" should be "Fairing" :D I will fix that in the next update. The modules are for now not so smart, but I'm working on an update, which will improve that ;)



(2 edits)

- (Spelling) After clicking on the Company button, it says "Your comapny" in the upper left corner of the window. This should be "Your Company"

- (Spelling) The "Achivements" tab should say "Achievements". Also after you click on it, it needs fixing again at the top of the list.

- (Spelling) For the company "Rotary Sattelites", it should be "Rotary Satellites"

- I would also suggest "Large Fairing" instead of "Big Fairing".

- In the Research & Development window, under the Upgrades tab, under the Dominant list: Boosters are not stages, so this should say "Launch a rocket with strap-on boosters" or something like that. 

Keep up the great work!


Lol thanks :D I didn't even know, that there are so many spellings in there :P 

Will fix them all! 

I bought EarthX about 1 week ago and I love it. 

And here is some suggestions that would be awesome if added.

-Make the economy more realistic so make the rockets more expansive and increase the money earned.

-Add more rockets. Some examples, Soyuz, Electron and falcon 1.

-Add a launch cost becuase it's super "OP" to reuse rockets.

-Let the player know why the rocket exploded.(add part durabilty maybe?)

-Make the game longer.

This is things that I would like if added and remember that I'm not an game designer so maybe my ideas suck.


"-Add a launch cost becuase it's super "OP" to reuse rockets."

Well, there is a not-insignificant refueling cost, and the reusable rockets cost a lot more to build. Although it says 90% success chance, I seem to lose a rocket at least every five launches, so I figure 20% of the construction cost goes up in smoke with every launch. The refueling cost is in addition to that. There's clearly balancing to be done, but this is a alpha after all. :)

One thing I've noticed is that Build Quality never goes up with reusable rockets. I'm guessing that's work in progress.

game gud hav nu complain