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Lol thanks :D I didn't even know, that there are so many spellings in there :P 

Will fix them all! 


Thanks for playing, I didn't know, that "Fairings" should be "Fairing" :D I will fix that in the next update. The modules are for now not so smart, but I'm working on an update, which will improve that ;)



Hey, thanks!

I'm sure, that the list refreshes itself, hmmm. I will look into it. Thanks for reporting and playing! 

Don't forget to add EarthX to your Steam wishlist:

If you bought the game here, then you will also get your steam key in a few weeks ;) 

EarthX community · Created a new topic EarthX on Steam

Soo EarthX is on Steam :D 

Do you want to add it to your wishlist? :)

Thank you! Will do :) 

Hey, we've made a new itch game page look, check it out and maybe leave some feedback?

TinyPirate did another gameplay from EarthX again!

In EarthX you can design, build and launch a rocket. Now with newer updates, the game is more advanced than ever before. I added the main game mechanics such as contracts, missions, employees, financing and much more :D You can build factories and then rocket modules inside them.  

I always loved SpaceX for what it's doing. I also love Elon Musk and Tesla. I wanted to create such a game since 2 years, but I didn't know how. That's why I learned :D There is still a lot to do, but I want to bring it to the Steam soon. I want to do this, because someone at school said, that my hobby is stupid and I will not have a future. I want to show that person, that he's wrong.

Last week, I released a new demo of the game. The demo is now playable (it wasn't before, because it was not supposed to), so have fun :D If you liked my game, don't forget to review it and give some feedback. Feedback really counts for me, because I know what I am doing wrong and how to make it better!

Thanks in advance,


Two other gameplays made by my friend (in polish):

Official EarthX Gameplay: 

Of course! What do you think :D Itch buyers will get Steam keys, this is 100% sure. We already have discord server:

Tutorial in game is very simple for now. I will work more on it before Steam release, don't worry! 

Thanks for playing EarthX btw. :D 

Thank you for the feedback. Supporting Linux isn't hard, so don't worry :D

+ I find it a little tedious to select my factories one by one each time i build a rocket. Would be nice to have an auto-assign option, maybe even included in the techtree as a Logistic branch ? Auto assign, queues, auto move to warehouse... could be techs, then.


That's a good idea! Will work on this in the 0.2.1 update.

+ I'm struggling to keep my bank account positive. So far i've lost my games because of lack of funds after only a few years and 5-10 missions done.


Yeah, I need to balance it a little more.

+ Not sure i understand why i can select a launchpad, are they different ?


You can launch multiple rockets at the same time/

+ Would be nice to have a visual reminder of the numbers of rockets and missions etc, on the main game screen. Like the little blue circles in other screens, but in the main GUI too.


Same suggestion gave me one of my testers. I will also work on that.

Heh, thanks for the ideas! Rocket explosions will be reworked in the future updates.

Looks nice! Thanks for the updates! 

Wow. Thanks for this amazing comment!

Most of your suggestions are already on my todo for the next few updates. For example, the next update (0.1.9) introduces new employees system, so you can apply some employees to factories and then module build speed is based up on the employees, you have applied. 

Contracts and orbit choose option will come with the update 0.2.0. With this update the rockets also will have they own requirements, so no more blind rockets build :D

For the factories placing on the earth - I will not touch it in the near future, but someday I will make some sort of company unlock tree, that gives you some options on country unlock and also new launching pads unlock! 

To sum up - thank you for trying out my game. I will care about the new players, adding some tutorials to the game. 



Nice! Keep up good work! :D 

Hey! Could you please contact me on my email? 

That's sounds nice! Will consider it. :D 

Thanks for the ideas. I already got many of them on my todo list :D

Rockets failures will come with the next update (few days, maybe tomorrow) :)

Thanks! :D Did you like my game? :D 

Heh, that's interesting.

I'm actually not alone. I got a small team made up from my closer friends. I make games after school, so sometimes I got a lot of time and sometimes I don't.

Aiming for few updates in this month, stay tuned! 

Hello! Thanks for asking. 

EarthX is now in a very early stage of development, so you finish the game once you've landed on the planet with the rocket booster. However, we plan to add some Moon and Mars trips in the future. 

You have to give us some time :D 



Hi Myszaks! Can you please send us your save file and unity output_log.txt?  Also it would be very helpful if you can describe your problem a little bit more. Did it appear from the beginning of the game or after some time? Do you remember what you did before it appeared? Each piece of information will be useful ;) 

You can find save file in: %GameFolder%\DevTycoonAlpha_Data\StreamingAssets\ 

The second file is in: C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\LocalLow\DevStudio\DevTycoonAlpha\

Also check if this bug will appear if you start a new game.

Wow! Thank you for such long response :D I agree with most of your feedback and most of it will be addressed in next update. Once again thank you very much!

(1 edit)

Hey! I released EarthX 3 weeks ago, but noticed this community just now :D

EarthX is a game where you can design, build and launch rockets. You can develop new rockets modules, build factories and warehouses on the planet and also use my advanced cinematic camera for nice shots.

You can read more about EarthX on my page. Game also has a Demo (just to check if game works on your PC)

Here's 1 minute of gameplay:

And a screenshot:


Have you dragged an employee to the Simple Datebase component?

If not, try dragging an employee onto the component by holding down and dragging the employee icon. Remember that the project must be created through the Create Project button.

If you have any further problems, please write boldly. Also check out a quick tutorial from one of our developers: 


DevStudio Team

DevLife community · Created a new topic Facebook Giveaway

There is a giveaway going on our Facebook! :D There are two keys to win, all you have to do is react to proper post or write a comment. Or do both to double your chance of winnning ;) Winners will be selected to day (13.02.2019) at 5PM CET.

Our facebook:

Giveaway post:

You can find us on facebook: 

And also on YouTube:

Sure :D We even got scritps ready to load strings from files but it requires rebuild of almost whole game UI so I can't really tell when we will add this feature. Now we are focusing on fixing bugs and then expanding mechanics that are in the game so it might take a while for us to implement it.

Thank you for reporting this bug!

If I understood correctly you played some time and than you wanted to start a new game, but all your previous furniture stayed where they were and you can't  do anything with them? Please send me you save file in privet message on our facebook ( It's in DevTycoonAlpha_Data/StreamingAssets/save.devtycoon. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible ;)

There will be some on our social media :D Stay tuned for that ;)

Oh, my fail :D Thanks anyway! I found 7 textes without transition last night. I will fix them till next update. Have a good day! :D 

Thanks for the post!

Sorry for the polish language in some places, I will add support for language file for those textes. 

For rockets, I am now working on a complete remake of the basic mechanic of the game. Ultimately, they are to be more interesting, demanding and, above all, intuitive. Stay tuned!

I will! I now work on hotfix, which implements new user-friendly features. Thanks for the reply! 

EarthX community · Created a new topic Your gameplays

Have you recorded a gameplay and posted it on Youtube?

You can post it also here in the comments. I'd love to see you playing my game <3 

Have you found any bugs? Also, if you liked the game, feel free to rate it :D