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very enjoyable game and it saddens me that it cant become more then it is

games fun and I have no complaints thank you very much dev man

didnt know that I could do that but it worked, thanks

will options to swap between a trackpad mode and a scroll wheel mode be coming in the future?

increase in alien damage sounds good but also new aliens is a must if the game is going to expand

you should add an endless defense mode

great game and really fun

I encountered a problem where the RAR file cant be opened on my windows PC I tried both windows version and it wont work

clicking or moveing my mouse any way other then up and down extactly in a line

I tried it but every time I move my mouse or click it sends me down due to my lack of a mousewheel any way to fix this?

thanks phosphoer now I can play the game properly

maybe integrate a system that allows to change keybinds

I don't have a mousewheel and I need a mousewheel to change camera depths

oh I found the problem

ill look around and see if I can find a way to fix it

hey after playing for a bit I noticed that a weird fog was covering the lower grounds is there a way to fix this?
 because I literally cannot see my settlers

YES it works thank you

alright I'm gonna try

or at the very least a refund

Odd Realm community · Created a new topic wont work

I tried to open it on my windows HP laptop and it sent me to an amazon page then instantly closed can you fix this?