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I love this!

What are your thoughts on making Chiptone open source?

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Hey Sully! Amazing work as always. The camera shake when you destroy an enemy feels really good and juicy and destroying three planes off of one bullet is really rewarding. However when you hit an enemy but dont kill them there is not much feedback as to if you have hit them or not. Perhaps adding flash or damage numbers could help there. 

It's working now! :)

Google is telling me that it's incompatible with my device, I'm on android 6 and a moto phone if it helps!

I did write this as a review, but I can't seem to find where it went so I'm going to post it again here: The demo is very promising, and currently  playable and fun, if you play it you won't be disappointed. That being said there are a few things which I think could be improved upon, the reason I gave five stars and not four, is because I want this game to get seen and also I understand it's only a demo, either way the main things that I think need improving are the music, font and art. The music needs longer loops and generally more instead of just one loop (It can get annoying having the same loop repeat over and over, specifically the outdoor one) on the font I think the W/M are a little hard to read, but maybe that's just me. The art I think needs a little more polishing here and there (Specifically on the player) And if your still reading this your obviously interested and should just go play the game already!

Awesome loved the intro! Keep up the great work!

Wow! This is pretty great! Bug report: I think I may have been able to damage that final boss guy before I hit he to talk to him, not sure tho!

So when you click select factory and you have none availible it shows none availible which is good, but when one factory finishes you have to close and reopen the menu in order for it to update and show the factory, also I love the adition of SpaceX's tesla floating up there in space, I was like "what is that" ?

Great first game!

I'm not sure about Unreal, but Unity's terrain system is super old, they have already taken assets like Textmeshpro or Probuilder from the asset store and made them part of Unity. This could be the next one! Sadly I'm guessing you would have to completely start from the ground up in Unity to do something like that!

Wow! This is exciting!

Free? Free, Free, Free? :D Looks awesome, can't wait to try it out!

I can defenitely sense a great mobile game with a little bit of polish!

LOL a massive dump!

HURRY UP!! LOL! Keep up the great work! :)

Yes please do! :)

I think you have overlooked it's need for unicorns. Although I dont know a good unicorn asset from the Unity store you could use. I agree with you, this version is so much better, I am very excited to see where this goes! LOL

WOW! That's.... That's..... A..... LOT...     !!!!!


Im starting to question wether certain things in that are in the game currently or are new....

LOL. I guess in a way that is a sneak peak at it! I spy with my little eye, something I've never seen before... What is it? 

Sounds amazing! Can we get a sneak peek at the change log?

Noble decision. If that is how you feel, then I will fully support you in any way I can.

I agree with you on the fact that it's fun and rewarding figuring out for yourself, I just feel like later down the line critics won't share the same enthusiasm.

I think, (Much like redstone) Mabybe you should make it a little more clear which side is the input (I notice the the input usually has a longer peg) But it was kinda hard for me to figure out when I was first playing the game, other than that it is pretty straight forward! P.S are you going to add things like pistons, spinblocks, wheels etc.?

It keeps crashing on my mac ): But it's okay b/c I installed windows on my mac, but just wanted to tell you that the mac version is broken. I can also help bugtest, but, did you know that you can test it by using a MAC virtual machine? I think it's pretty hard but It's possible! Though, it might just be easier to have playtesters.

I've been looking for a game like this for a long time. It's....It's....It's....BEAUTIFUL!

I love it!

I have a new game that is very early access so it's limited to only certain people, would you like to see it? What would be the best way for me to send you the password to use it?

Sadly, no, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but on the itch app when I hit install, nothing happens. The download (not on the app) is a TextEdit and I don't have anything to open that file, aparently! Is there something obvious I'm missing? Please tell me! Thanks!

Looks awesome!

SO ADDICTIVE! I love! BTW I made it to the bankruptcy screen twice! YAY! (:

I wanted to push the red button for the little dog! But it wouldn't let me!

I love this game!

This is awesome! The next cuphead -Infamous review person that doesn't really do any reviews and nobody knows like TGN except...Not famous.