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I did write this as a review, but I can't seem to find where it went so I'm going to post it again here: The demo is very promising, and currently  playable and fun, if you play it you won't be disappointed. That being said there are a few things which I think could be improved upon, the reason I gave five stars and not four, is because I want this game to get seen and also I understand it's only a demo, either way the main things that I think need improving are the music, font and art. The music needs longer loops and generally more instead of just one loop (It can get annoying having the same loop repeat over and over, specifically the outdoor one) on the font I think the W/M are a little hard to read, but maybe that's just me. The art I think needs a little more polishing here and there (Specifically on the player) And if your still reading this your obviously interested and should just go play the game already!

Thanks a lot for the review and the feedback! I hope I can give a satisfying answer to all your issues:

  • The music will definetly change. I'm under time-pressure as this is a college project, but once the assignment is done I'll get better music and take time to find it.
  • I had the idea to make the font with as few pixels as possible, but even playtesting myself it reads a bit slow, so i will adjust it for readability eventually. Probably also after college is out of the way.
  • I know the art is very minimalistic, but can you tell me what you specifically dislike about the player as opposed to the enemies? Or do you just think the player needs to stand out from them more/be more detailed?