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Thank you!! The toon shader i used is W.I.P. but i wanna put it on the Asset Store when its done :)

If you use unity i wouldnt mind sending you what i have either in case you wanna dissect the shadergraph or just use it

Thank you so much! if you just exit to menu the reload bug should be fixed :)

Thanks a lot! Yeah we wanted the focus to be on the guns personality. Originally there was way more dialog planned with your gun, your rivals as well as their guns too.

The main reason reload was on shift was that we had other "nozzles" planned such as a sniper, where you would need right-click to aim. I had everything in the engine already, but level-design was so last-minute that I couldn't place them in a way that made sense.

If it ruined your chance to finish it, the reload bug is fixed by going all the way back to the main menu and loading again.

The concept is hilarious! I just wish the level restart was faster. I dont mind the difficulty, but having to wait so long to get another chance gets pretty annoying. Once thats dealt with the game plays really well tho!

Adorable! The only feedback i have is that maybe the breath should be limited. as it is the only reason i had to not hold my breath was to rest my eyes from the pixels jittering. otherwise i just stayed in slowdown consistently

Cool entry! The hitboxes are really unforgiving, especially on the flames. but i like the concept!

Also idk if it was my screen but its so dark that i could barely see what was going on, even with the flashlight.

Thanks a lot for the feedback and for playing! :)

I agree with all your points. I got a lot of feedback in general. Would love to take some time to remaster this and smooth out the experience.

god tier

Thank you so much! i originally wanted more variety in the arenas/environments. thats why the movement is like that. if i keep working on it there'll be more focus on it

Thank you! Yeah the guns are from Kenney Assets of all places lmao. I would really love to flesh this out for a month or two and maybe put it on steam too. Really wish i had the time for that right now. 

Great feedback thanks! will keep it in mind. i do wanna keep working on this, but i have so much going on that i'm really not sure if i'll be able to anytime soon

Thank you! Mid-Development i found out there already is a game on steam called Chess FPS. but it plays very different from this ^^

Thank you so much! I'm really glad someone made it through :)

Yeah i realized a bit too late that having a sniper is kinda useless when you cant gain much distance lol.

Ok so the input issue seemed to be fixed! I'm on Chrome. For the first couple seconds i was at 10FPS and then had a pretty consistent 22-24

Yeah its a lot more fun now! Still challenging but in a fairer way ^^

Great, will try! :)

Thank you! If i decide to keep working on it after the jam I will make it easier :)

Thank you! Yeah I'm sorry i made it so hard. i was crunching a lot on level design and really overdid it. I mostly just tested individual arenas and now i'm trying to beatthe full thing myself and struggling. Its a shame though because the game has 5 areas and the knights are only the end of the first. If you feel like trying again, the knights can be kind of cheesed if you hide behind the spike pits, since they cant jump over it. Also since its so easy to fall off there is a hidden mechanic that lets you climb back up the platform for a split second if you push against it mid fall.

Thank you! Yeah I probably made it way too hard haha. There's 5 bosses total. But the knight is especially tricky since you only have the starter gun

I love the visuals a lot, but even after like ~10 min of walking around I couldn't find anything sadly

If this had catchy music and more long-term goals i'd get addicted for a couple days. Love it

The artstyle is really nice!

Sorry but I cant see any framerate there, even when i hover over. But it does definetly feel like frame-drops. It did go a bit smoother for a while now, but after some exploring it got worse again (i think after i started zooming out). I also had it in fullscreen with F11 if that makes a difference

Probably my favorite entry from what I've played so far. The only thing i can say is that its a big info dump at the start and some tooltips on the ui or something would have helped. But I did love the analog UI design

Made it to 13k. Starts of a little slow but once there's a bit more asteroids its pretty fun! :)

Love the mechanic! The ladder wouldnt send me anywhere after the 4th or 5th level. is that just the end? Would love to play more

This looks gorgeous and the concept is really cool. I was just really struggling to understand the gameplay. On my first try the character wouldn't move and a lot of the time my inputs dont really register. The writing is really nice though. And a granny in the apocalypse is certainly novel ^^

Sadly the control bug made it really difficult to progress. but the art and sound are really nice and apart from the bug its fun!

Really fun concept! The perspective is tricky and i'm not really sure how to progress when the hole is above the visible spawn area. but i love the challenge :D

I really like the Movement!

thank you! :D

Hey there! I just wanted to ask if its necessary to work with ASCII Graphics and Turn-based mechanics, or if a more loose rogue-lite etc. approach is welcome too. Thanks!

Thanks for making this, it actually really got to me

Thank you! I did set the animations up in a way were they'd be easy to turn off. Will include that in the post-jam version

Super adorable and the mechanic feels unique

Honestly this was a lot nicer than I expected. Really meditative and the colors create a strange but lovely aesthethic. especially the contrast between the wheat and the sky.

Thank you! The eye is how the info is received. it can go from bored up to panicing. hopefully i can explain it better in the post-jam version