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What can I use to create a game?

A topic by Orchid created 18 days ago Views: 211 Replies: 12
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I'm new to and love to program/code games. I am however unsure how to create games on this platform or even if you can. If you can can someone please explain to me how so and if not, what can I use to create a game to then add to the site?

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Basically any game engine in the market(Unity,Unreal,GameMaker)


You don’t create games on Itch. You just upload them.


Oh I see, thank you

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As people said, you can use whatever you want to make your game, doesn't have any tools built in or mandated. What kind of game do you want to make?

I usually work in puzzle games and escape room type of games so probably something along those lines.

Escape room stuff probably unity or something 

Alright, thanks!

Itch is where you host your games. To make a game you need tools like Unity, Unreal, RPGMaker, Godot, Defold or GameMaker. Give all the tools a bit of a look on youtube before you settle on one or two. I started with RPG Maker then transitioned into Unity. There are sometimes humble bundle discounts for Unity and Unreal assets too.

Are there any good programs that are free to use?

Unity is free to use and both Godot and Defold are open sorce. Game Maker is free until you want to distrobute outside of OperaGX. You can get some free assets at

If you're still looking for an engine/framework to get started, the best way to get into it is to start with a simple project. You'll gradually acquire the skills and experience you need to work on progressively larger games that will better fit the scope of the kind of game you really want to make.


I already do work as a programmer and animator but thank you for the advice!