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Changing a game from downloadable to browser based, or supporting both?

A topic by Ethan Fox created Dec 08, 2018 Views: 236 Replies: 3
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Just uploaded a game and published it today:

However, afterwards, I've realised I could've uploaded this as an embedded game that could just be played from the webpage, which seems like it'd be a good thing to do - but I'm struggling to do this?

From the instructions I found...

... it sounds like you had to specify this when you first added the game to the site. Is that correct?

Is there no way to either change this existing game to use the browser version, or to support both browser and downloads? (this latter option is what I'd prefer if possible)

I tried uploading the .zip with the webpage version of the game inside, but the "edit game" page doesn't offer me the "play in browser" checkbox I can see in some examples.

as far as i know you can only have one main page which can be used for people to download files or play it on browser. If you want people to play the game in browser you have to make another page.

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You can always offer downloads along with a browser-based game. Just add more files. You pick one that will be played in the browser, and the others will be offered as downloads (unless you mark them as hidden). And you can easily change what kind of game it is at any time, from the edit form.

Thanks for this - I was looking in the metadata area and somehow had just MISSED the option on the main page.

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