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Project - Combat Mini Golf (Working Title)

A topic by theamazingb created Nov 05, 2018 Views: 379 Replies: 36
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Project name: Combat Mini Golf

Current Team: 

Brian Pangburn - Programer/Artist

Chris Pangburn - Artist

Concept:: The Dark Overlord (need a name) has taken over your hometown. He issues a challenge to the townsfolk "Defeat me in a game of your choosing, and I shall forever leave." Many try, many fail.

You play as an old wizard. You come out of retirement to challenge him in every senior citizens favorite sport, mini golf.

While you get to choose the game. he creates the course.

Play a round of mini golf while fighting off the Dark Overlord's minions and avoiding deadly traps. Spells can be cast upon the ball to instill it with abilities. The lower your par, the stronger your wizard!

Defeat the Dark Overlord and complete the course to win.


Days 1-3:

To be honest, I had no idea what I was going to do. For me the idea is always the hardest part. Originally I was going to do this alone. I bounced a few ideas off some friends, finally settling on this idea.

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Day 4:

Got together some reference and started planning. My brother went and bought a new computer, so I will have a partner, doubling the size of my normal game jam team! Started putting together a prototype using Kenney Asset Characters. Final Art will be added later. but it's not looking half bad!!

to do: Add some sort of indicator so you know when you are within range of the ball. Perhaps an outline shader as well

I LOVE mini golf! Oh, I will be keeping up with this for sure <3


Day 6: 

Didn't do a WHOLE lot over the last few days. I have the mini golf portion working. You aim by holding down right click, move the mouse left and right, then release. The arrow indicates direction and it's size indicates power. I added an indicator so you can tell where the ball is and the radius in which you must stand to aim.  I also got some simple traps made from primitives till my brother gets me some artwork. I might post the prototype hole so people can start testing it out. Here's a little video for ya: Combat Mini Golf Dev Log Video


Day Whatever:

Got around to making the wizard for the game today. I still need to texture the robe. Trying to decide between classic hat or crazy hair. Def not gonna do long Gandalf style hair. Think more Einstein

I vote hair for uniqueness!


Thats my thought too. He really doesn't fit well with some monsters I bought a while back. In comparison, the goblin looks SOOOOO much better cuz it's done by someone who knows what they are doing lol

Sometimes you just gotta work with what ya have. I can feel that.


And sometimes I find just what I need.  Here's the cast of characters! Say cheese


Haha what a nice idea! 
Good luck, mate!


19 days and counting:

Got the look nailed down. Just gotta animate the wizard. Chris is busy making more props and traps. After that it's just crunching code and sound. It's gonna be super close on getting it done!! 


18 Days and Counting:

Getting the wizard moving around took a bit longer than anticipated but got that part working today!! Chris formed his own club!!


17 days remaining:

Thinkin we may have to cut down the scope a little bit., but it should still be fun I hope. The core parts of the wizards is pretty much done. I have to start focusing on the A.I

Now for the good news. Our wizard isn't just ballin, he's FIRE BALLIN' 


15 days Remaining:

Made some HUGE progress in the last two days. I managed to get an AI framework that I can use on any of the enemies of my game. Now I don't have two write out each one, just plug new variables for the enemy type, and away we go!! Best part is it's so generic that I should be able to use the same framework in other games, saving me huge headaches. Chris managed to get more of the models unwrapped. Pretty much all that is left is UI stuff and tracking your score, then I'll be able to take the first hole, modify it a bit, and bam, new hole. Super stoked. Looks like it might get done after all....


Here's a quick little video of me testing the game! The UI isn't in there yet, neither are the effects you can place on the ball, but it gives you an idea of how it works. I would love some feedback!!! 

Without having tried this obviously, it seems just a touch too difficult to aim and the ball is a tad too bouncy. Otherwise, it looks good. The fire effect is really nice.


it is tough to aim both the ball AND his fireballs. I think I have a solution to both. I'm thinking of having it draw the classic white line to help show where the ball is going to go a little more. The fireball I'm gonna do a little aim assist. Cast a sphere in front of the player and if it hits an enemy, aim the spot where I'm spawning the fireball from at it. The bounciness is a little trickier. I MIGHT be able to solve it by playing with the physics settings. Otherwise, I'll have to rely on some good ole high school math. The angle of reflection equal to the angle of refraction, take in account the force of the ball, and go from there. I hope I don't have to do that cuz it's a little more work and I still got a lot of work left get everything I want done.


No worries, I feel ya. I was just giving the feedback from what I saw in the video. I think the solution for the ball and fireball will be really smart moves, and even if you can't do the bounciness, that'll make things feel a lot better from a player perspective I think.


11 Days remaining:

Tons left to do, but because it's funny and rude, I made it so the enemies can kick the ball, usually in a direction that is away from the hole. Hehehe


Do they also say taunty things?


I literally just messaged all my old musician friends (I was a pro musician for 25 years) to see who could sneak me into their home studio this weekend, so I am hoping I have time to do voice over, but yea they will, cuz, lets face it, goblins are jerks


Woah, Goblins are one of my favorite fantasy races.


Well, they are a classic. Right now they are the only enemy I have working, but for a prototype it's all I need. If I have time, I'll add more. The AI system I designed reuses pretty much everything. All I have to do is feed it stats like speed, attack range, etc etc into it.


Cool, actually I was replying to the Goblins being jerks, just like people, there are many different types of Goblins.


10 days remaing: 

As it is coming down to the wire, we decided to pick up a subscription to Substance Painter. WOW!!! Why didn't we do this years ago. What we thought we were going to be lucky to finish texture-wise took a matter of hours. What a powerful tool

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9 Days Remaining:

What makes the grass grow? Why bood of course!!! All the traps are now working. As I am coding the spells you can place on the ball, I put a shout out to all my punk rock friends in the code for my Combat Mini Golf game by giving the ball a NOFX state. Here's a little video of the blood effects 


6 Days Remaining:

We got ourselves a working hole. All the effects, AI, tracking score, and UI are complete. Just need to implement sound and start building more holes!!

Nice! :D


Mini Golf just got BRUTAL!!!


4 days:

The holes are coming along rather quickly :)


DONE AND DONE!! Finished  holes of what will hopefully be 9 holes of the craziest mini golf you will ever play. I'm still trying to implement a boss battle on hole 9 but if I don't make it in time, I have a back up plan :) 

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Always good to have a backup plan.  I want to add more content to one of my levels, just cause the game feels a little short, but rather make the gameplay feel more immersive, add some sounds and effects.  Will see what I complete today.

That was my thought too. Just sticking in sounds now

I also have the grand idea of making another game in one day, with a really fun mechanic.  Now to make a game made in 4 hours look like it was made in 30 days.

It was a rush to get it done because my OTHER thought is there is no way you can have a mini golf course and not have at least 9 holes lol


I'm such a tweaker. I couldn't stand looking at the UI any longer so I made some last minute improvements