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Mortuary Freebooter

A topic by mutantleg created Nov 01, 2018 Views: 263 Replies: 12
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I'm still at heavily on alpha stage with this (engine and character movement is  done, there is saving and loading.. only things missing are the maps, textures and enemies ..  only the things that would make it a game) and for now just collaged some screenshots together to give an idea on whats it all about

Phew..  remodelled and retextured the main character  ..
 experimenting with some egypt themed setting .. and by that i mean an empty room with yellow bricks

Making a splash..
recently  rewrote  how the water is handled and rendered .. and it's good enough for now
still  got issues with the camera: it can be either smooth and go out of the walls
or be strict with the wall distance and seem too fast

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Postponed my battle with the camera for now and decided to use the non-smooth one
after 'studying' some third person games it seems to be the most common one (and least frustrating)
Also added bullet shells (thing is you got infinite ammo .. so where are they  coming from?)
Now to add something to shoot at..

oh dear..

don't mind us, just doing some stress testing..

we replaced Lara's gun with one that shoots fishes: let's see if she notices!
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Introducing mini lara

Played around with the animed skeleton and came up with this .. 
obviously she is not strong  or heavy enough to hold the uzis in this mode
so the recoil is used for flight

So I realised I need to make maps as well.. (darn this would have been funnier if i announced it on the last day.. oh well)

Anyway one thing i noticed is that often map design comes from neccessity
E.g. in this one I wanted a simple concept: you need to drain a pool to access a switch

And to drain the water you need to get rid of a plug by shooting at it
(but you cannot shoot or use switches underwater)

So to shoot underwater you need to turn into Steel Lara (when in doubt just st- borrow from Nintendo)
and just walk on the bottom of the pool shooting stuff
Now the problem is that in this form you can just walk over the switch and push it
And to solve that first the Steel powerup is time limited and there needs to be some extra wall added
so you can walk to the cork and blast it but you don't have enough time to reach the switch

I'm cutting down the game to a single map to have something to release
so now it's just introduction, single puzzle and ending .. not much of a game
It's at the stage where everything that can go wrong goes wrong ..
and it seems many things i worked on won't end up in the final version .. another victim of feature creep.. oh well

One puzzle solved the fish are sure glad about it

At the goal of your quest .. the smoke looked nice but the fillrate demand could bring any known videocard down to it's knees so it was cut to be less dense...

.. but there is still enough smoke to obstruct the exit from the room -- maybe I should put up a giant sign here (?)

my kingdom for a decent lightmapper

It's been fun to follow your progress here so far. Game looks cool! Definitely reminds me of the early tomb raider graphical style. Good luck with the final two weeks.

Thank you for your kind words! 
(I'm afraid it's more of a question of energy than time though)

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With the deadline extended (and now being capable of using other orifices than my mouth to breath .. not counting my nose yet) i'm back in the habit:
rewrote how the light is calculated, previously it just picked up the light from the lightmap
but now it actually takes the lights position (up to 4 lights) into account  for vertex lighting (previously it was  a single fixed directional light only)
in the end it looks nice but the the difference is hardly noticeable

.. also smoke is now affected by light as well

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I feel like i should remake the map i made completely but with a radically different approach
 here is a list of the (major) things that went wrong with the project (so far)

the maps are made with CSG-ing boxes together and later editing the geometry
but his has led to a lot of errors that often went unnoticed

also all the rooms are made separately and connecting them together was more difficult than expected, i thought it would be easy just by adding
these little gate models to hide the errors but it didn't work that well

I only got one real puzzle in the whole game but even that was trouble: because you can shoot through water
you could destroy the cork from the shoreline easily so there had to be a a little house built around the thing
which then made it hard to find the cork and made this puzzle way more confusing than it should be

there is also plenty of feature creep, there are only 3 icecubes in the game
but during prototyping it was made to be allow more than hundreds
of these in different sizes
(the physics are simple though it's just a sphere masquerding as a cube)

there was also trouble with the final puzzle, your basic crouch allowed you to go through very small holes and the final one had to be very small
so only mini Lara can fit through (the giant arrow sort of addressed this problem in the end)

even the final puzzle had problems: if you destroy the box the mushroom just stays up in the air

it comes down with some persuasion in the end (notice the bullet holes on it)  making this one of the lesser problems (a classic case of it's not a bug but a feature)

Just a short update (i really have nothing better to do)

In the past few days i tried to make a voxel based editor .. but so far it's an utter failure
Back to the drawing board.. 
(what is even happening, this was supposed to be a micro-project O_o)