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2 Questions.

A topic by Agreed_Fraudulence created Oct 28, 2018 Views: 344 Replies: 8
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1) I am located in Britain, will this anything such as prizes or publication deals?

2) It's mentioned that no unique materials made before the contest starts are permitted. I don't understand how this will be checked or vetted. Is there something I'm supposed to do to prove that those assets were made during the contest?

Thanks for the replies. My questions have been answered.

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1. I don't think so. I mean, people all around the world do this jam.

2. No, they have magic to check. (not really, they look at the file dates)

- Brent

Thanks for responding! Though, is there nothing stopping someone from making an asset, then recreating it or importing it into a new file?


There are other ways to check and they will do a thorough check on any potential winners that's for sure. But you don't have to really worry it, as long as you do everything in good faith you're safe :)

Okay thanks

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As for material vetting, in past years, what usually happens is that some igmc vigilante (AKA people jealous that you won) will go to great lengths to expose you, posting evidence of your prior work in forums so the judges will disqualify you. Believe me there’s always someone. It works surprisingly well. So to save the hassle, just use legit stuff and you have nothing to worry about.


We do try to check as thoroughly as we can on the winning entries, but it is hard to catch everything, so we do rely at least some on other users to find things like this.

Honestly, I just wish everyone would just follow the rules so everyone has an equal chance, but you know, people are people unfortunately.


There will always be that one "smart-a*s" person, who tries to use old stuff that wasn't shared before, like the game they've been working on for X months but didn't share it on social media. If you want to secure yourself and give possible haters (like watermark mentioned) nothing to hold against you... share your progress online, so people can see the game evolve in realtime and will not be like: "bah, you sure haven't done all this in only one month! NEVER EVER. Cry cry." 

Because there are those people and there are those that cheat and really use project that they started months ago. Some of that might be hard to proof in the end.

Thanks again for all the feedback and answers. I've decided to keep a Discord chat which will function like a development log. I hope this will help prove that I'm using new assets.