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Yeah, I heard that as well.

Probably the best game from this I've seen so far. It's simple but polished. The art style is cute and the music and sound effects are great.

High score was 90% by the way.

Overall, neat game. i'm guessing it interprets time as 'timing'.

It's nice to have a game with sound, which is really nice by the way. And I like the simple concept and execution. though I have no idea what those swirls were for and what they did so I just kept trying to bounce it in.

Really neat way to use the theme. The design is simple and the concept is fun, if frustrating when you miss a shot.

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Neat overall, seems to be a bit finicky with using the mouse to break the blocks. 

The art is neat and the song is nice though it'd be nice to add a sound effect when braking the blocks.

Best score was 324.

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I am aware it was submitted just before the deadline and was likely rushed.

However, it's buggy and confusing. I never figured out what I was supposed to do. It'd be nice to see the controls and instructions if they're available. The 'z' key only seems to make a noise as far as I could tell.

As for the bugs, you can actually leave the boundaries of the game by walking out the door people come through. And also, you need to use the WASD keys in order for the character to properly animate. My attempts at using the arrow keys only led to me sliding around as the current sprite. The art style is nice though.

Probably my favorite game so far. It's simple and neat, with a good concept.

I completed all the levels and the only minor complaints I have is that the controls could be a bit tighter and not allow you to zoom off and some of the hit boxes need adjusting. Overall, for what it is, it's great.

It's wacky and the art style and sound scared me a bit.

Overall, it's say it's good. However, I'm not sure whether it's me or not but the game seemed to soft lock twice when the demon showed up. Also, my bullets would hit me when trying to shoot.

Overall, simple and the fact the time is accurate is neat. But it feels a bit lacking.

Maybe if you added some funny lines or something might've helped.

Interesting game. Looks very nice. Music is also very good.

However, I have a few issues.

I didn't notice the spikes at first on the first stage, maybe make them stick out a bit more. Minor nitpick.

I also didn't see the point of collecting the coins. Maybe add a counter of how many collected per stage. 

I'd also remove the bullet randomness. It would get a bit frustrating to constantly have to jump and shoot because your bullets are missing and could very well lead to cheap deaths. Meaning starting the stage over again. Others have mentioned this but adding checkpoints would help this a bit.

The gravity mechanic, while cool. got a bit jarring when I went from having a big jump to a relatively small jump. Maybe start us off with normal then have us experience different kinds of gravity. 

There would also be a glitch where I wouldn't be able to jump on the edge of a platform.

Overall, I'd say a good prototype. But not without some flaws.

Seems to be about 3 days long. Early morning Friday this week (at least for me) to  early morning Monday.

So that's most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

That's just when submissions are open at least.

Thanks again for all the feedback and answers. I've decided to keep a Discord chat which will function like a development log. I hope this will help prove that I'm using new assets.

Okay thanks

Thanks for responding! Though, is there nothing stopping someone from making an asset, then recreating it or importing it into a new file?

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1) I am located in Britain, will this anything such as prizes or publication deals?

2) It's mentioned that no unique materials made before the contest starts are permitted. I don't understand how this will be checked or vetted. Is there something I'm supposed to do to prove that those assets were made during the contest?

Thanks for the replies. My questions have been answered.