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PNG Uploading Issue

A topic by DiskDemon created Jun 19, 2023 Views: 397 Replies: 11
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When im trying to upload a .png, one of the supported file types, its saying that it can't upload it since its not a .png file, when it is.

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are u sure its not an apng file? which is of a newer format. Make sure the option to show file extensions is enabled, maybe it could have a different extension that is hidden, for example “apple.png.txt” or something


I believe there is an issue with Image uploading, can't seem to upload a new banner and or backgrounds


I can't upload any graphics right now, so I guess there's just something broken.


Yeah I'm having trouble uploading any images - screenshots, banner etc. Tried multiple file formats and resizing but no luck.

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Same thing here. No images get saved on the server. (The server returns a 504 error after a while.)


same here


I have the same problem.

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I have the same issue.
I tested with both PNG and JPG and neither of them works (both on my asset page and here in the forum when I just tried to add a screenshot of it). The ZIP-file uploads normally thought.

Browser is Firefox 114.0.1 (64bit, Linux) in case that might be relavant.

Edit: It works now. :)


There's currently a problem with existing images being displayed too. A few of my games / asset packs won't show the image on the widget or the screenshots. (The images were uploaded years ago).


The image upload problem should be okay now (leafo replied in another thread). Some of the images were uploaded but could not be accessed.

Yap its working now :)

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