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This sounds awesome, the engine seems to have a lot of potential, so its great that its getting more attention, good luck and thank you for keeping it updated :)

Super fun to play! chill music :D

Awesome gameplay, super fun!

This is brilliant, excellent graphics, very cool gameplay!

This was brilliant ! great animations, the art style at first I was like wth?! but its genius and very fun gameplay :D

This is really well done, very nice gameplay!

Great gameplay and replayability, very good use of the engine, music is fire! overall a great experience, grats on the final product

Beautiful Hard game, Rocking sound track, Delicious graphics, 10/10 would die again lol

Great throwback to the classic shmups
Awesome music
Great gameplay
Can't wait to play the full game! keep up the awesome work! :)

Thank you <3

Does FPS Editor has a Discord?

I think it would be really good to have some kind of community discord where devs could exchange ideas about their games, post new games, hints and tricks etc etc

This was super fun to play! awesome job :D

Thank you so much for playing 
Haha I am happy you loved the frogs, I had many ideas for them but maybe they will return one day? :p
The Bear boss was a blast to make, very glad you like him! <3 

You are totally right, if she has a cat she can't be that bad...can she? ;) 

Thanks again for the support! :)

Thank you so much for playing <3

Amazing non stop action, fantastic art with godlike music, a must for shmup lovers.

Brilliant, awesome gameplay and graphics :)

Fantastic job on the 3d, and Eye of the Beholder is one of my old time fav Grid movement games, great gameplay and the music and sounds matched perfectly with the game atmosphere!

Woah this was addictive to play haha, I sucked at it but very original and fun! 

Okay this was Awesome lol, the gameplay and the small details added, like the dust particles and the weapon shooting, all felt great, also cool puzzles, fantastic work for the time we had to do this!

This was fun to play, I think I shoot too much I was always running out of bullets lol, the lights gave it a great atmosphere, good job.

Loved the gameplay, great job on the mechanics! 

Loved the gameplay, great job on the mechanics! 

This was fun to play, I think I shoot too much I was always running out of bullets lol, the lights gave it a great atmosphere, good job.

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Thank you! glad you enjoyed it :D

Thank you, this was made in one and a half days (due to lack of time) to participate on a Jam, hopefully its playable :p

Grats on a great game, was very fun to play!

oh my this was great, the puzzles weren't so straightforward as I originally thought haha very cool, great graphics great music to match, great writing, loved it! 

Woah this really took me back to the good old adventure games! 
Awesome Puzzles, great characters, great humor, the only downside is I wanted MORE! lol 

This is great to hear! thanks for the heads up :)

oooooooh I remember playing this, was awesome! great job with the story

aaaah this was so Good! lol, the graphics, the voices, the jokes the puzzles!! Loved it :D poor Otto lol

Very cool game, and very nice mechanics! Woorkoholics unite lol o/

This looks fantastic, any news on the development?

What an amazing masterpiece, reminded me of the old adventure games glory and that final "Twilight Zoneish" ending my favorite show, perfect!