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Omg, thank you for letting me know!

I checked all folders and it's this one and the color palettes that have the problem. I'll upload the new files once I found out why the zip-program makes empty folders sometimes. o.O;

Edit: Uploaded the new folder, should work now. :)

I like it. It's surprisingly relaxing. :)

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. :)

Awesome! :D

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Feel free to post your highscores here (mine is roughly 200). ^.^

Ladybug Highscore
Screenshot of a game score of 207 points.
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I have the same issue.
I tested with both PNG and JPG and neither of them works (both on my asset page and here in the forum when I just tried to add a screenshot of it). The ZIP-file uploads normally thought.

Browser is Firefox 114.0.1 (64bit, Linux) in case that might be relavant.

Edit: It works now. :)