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Setting metadata

A topic by dustdfg created Jun 15, 2023 Views: 3,593 Replies: 4
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Itch has an option to set metadata for your projects (games, assets don't matter what) but it is almost hidden. Sometimes even creators that have much projects don't know how to set it.

You can set what engines and tools you used in project by following the next steps: "Edit game -> Metadata -> Engines & tools"

If your game is open-source you also can set it in metadata by following the next steps: "Edit game -> Metadata -> Release info -> License for code". Also you can add the link to the source code: "Edit game -> Metadata -> External links"

If your are making assets under open-source license you can add license metadata too: "Edit game -> Metadata -> Release info -> License for assets"

The metadata will be visible on your game page if you will click on "More info". Also it will slightly increase your audience because your project will appear on pages of the selected license and used tools and engines.

Additional notice about licenses. Not all people know about metadata so I highly recommend you to write the name of the license somewhere in the description too

P.S If you think that it was useful for you, you can leave a comment here to support my proposal about making metadata more visible for those who are interested in it

Wow this is so helpful! I actually was just learning about metadata this week in my photography class and how you can set it in adobe light-room. I had no idea supported it too!!! I have been making digital art for years and literally just learned what metadata is... (yep I'm slow haha!) thank you so much for sharing this! It is really important and helpful for fellow creators. I will copy this coment to your proposal.

Thanks so much for posting this information!


I recently learned about Metadata in my InDesign class so this really is nice to know thanks!