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Way too easy to get error 429 when using itch

A topic by MrNoSock created Apr 19, 2023 Views: 517 Replies: 6
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I don't know if others experience this issue, but I can barely use the site because of the constant 429 errors when browsing. I can look at maybe 2 assets before I get bombarded with 429 errors. I don't need any large amount of requests to the site, just enough I can actually use it. I think it's unreasonable that I have to basically wait like 3-5 min. for every page I want to visit. It's not like I'm looking at hundreds of assets a day or anything either. I normally look at a small handful, usually grabbing updates and checking out a couple of new releases.

*Edit: One of the latest updates to the itch app fixed this issue.

*Edit 2: Nevermind, it's definitely still an issue

*Edit 3: It's the app. Closing out of it completely fixes the issue

Admin (1 edit)

Are you triggering a large number of requests at once? Can you share any details about how you browse for assets?

Generally, regular browsing shouldn’t trigger that kind of error. Our rate limiting is designed for slow down bad actors triggering automated responses.

I have not heard of anyone else experiencing a problem like this. Are you using shared network connection or something similar?

Just firefox and browsing the site as I assume a normal person would. No one else on the network uses itch(it's a house with a private router). I usually go to the homepage, then to my feed. After about the second asset I click is when the rate limit errors start showing up. I do usually actually download the assets from the app. I totally get why you have the rate limits, but I really shouldn't be doing anything to trigger them.


The only thing I could think of is that perhaps you have the app running in the background and it’s making a large number of requests for some reason. If you do have the app running, try turning it off and see if it makes a difference to your on-site browsing.

This was happening to me a lot lately. I don't bulk download either. And also I kept seeing "a new version available" all the time on top right. I click it and it  seemingly installs successfully (because no errors) but in fact, nothing happens. I think the auto-installer helper is running in the background and fetching a lot of data repeatedly. Then failing and then fetching again.  I  installed it manually and I think it's gone now.

I think I was stuck on 25.5.1 if I remember correctly and now upgraded  to the latest (25.6.2)

Thanks, I just updated. Fingers crossed!

I don’t know how the app works, but does it only ever make HTTP requests? Seems like there would have been an API for that.