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Thank you. That was quick :)

Hey great pack. Do you mind fully listing the names of the corps and fruits? I've purchased this pack and now I'm looking at "Sprouts_Fruit_Crops.png" file but cannot name all of the items myself due to them being low res. Can you list them in exact order either here or in a readme.txt file please?

Great thanks very much. It's not a delay at all. 

Hey. Sorry this may sound like a stupid question but do you have the names for the crops? Even though I grew up rural and did work in the farm as a country boy, I still cannot recognise some of the crops :p

Of course I can recognise carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin etc. but a complete list of what is what would be awesome. If you can include a basic TXT file or describe in the PNG file in examples folder...

Great pack by the way!

You set the bar too high for your first project my friend. Well done! Damn I already build my UI system but these are so beautiful that I wanna write it from the scratch using these assets.

Great pack. And thanks for providing the examples and the aseprite files too. Makes it easy to use. One of the best UI packs I've seen for a pixel game.

If you looking for further ideas, would you consider expanding your character generator to include  portraits/face pics for dialogues? Even just a neutral facial expression would be great. This is literally the only thing  missing to make a game with 100% lime_zu assets without any modification.

Dialogues are important for topdown RPGs.   I'm learning to make them myself but  I'm not good at this. But anyway I can survive without that. I'm happy with whatever you're doing. It's a suggestion  just in case if you run out of ideas ;)

Even day 1 launch is more than enough for me to  continue working on my project. I was looking for this tileset to start working on my outdoor levels. It's so hard to find modern-day-looking tiles. It's either fantasy, medieval, sci-fi or cyberpunk. This will be the best modern outdoor tileset. Well, it already is. Great work!

Whoa! I've been waiting for this.

"Why did Modern Exteriors take so long?"

Believe me it didn't take long at all. You've just finished interior tiles a couple of months ago. Even if you didn't work on another project that's really a short break for this.

Thanks for your work and good luck.

I liked this GUI. Looks super cool. However a bit disappointed with the restricted licence. And I'm indie dev and I need to wear a lot of hats. A knowledgable lawyer hat is not one of those I want to wear. I don't really understand what "no derivatives" mean. Is 9-slice considered "derivative" or what if I want to use it some other way I don't know yet but will find out later. I don't even want to ask it as a question because it's too mind boggling. I just don't even want to know. So, I simply stay away from this kind of licence.

That's why I only purchase assets with "do whatever you wanna do just don't re-sell or re-distribute these, attribution not necessary but appreciated" kind of licence. I have 2 folders of assets. Paid and free. In the paid folder I never put "attribution required" or other kind of licences. I don't want to keep track of this because I buy a lot of assets. I don't mind giving credit to asset makers but I really buy a LOT of assets and I may forget. And I don't want my hard earned game to be taken down because I forgot to give credit. 

Of course it's your art, your assets and your decision to make. But if you want to get more sales then it's better to loosen the licence. Or may be sell another pack with the same art more expensive but with non-restricted licence. I'm sure there are a lot of indie game developers who think like me.

Great pack. Thank you. Even the UI itself deserves a separate mention. That scroll folding animation is lovely.

Yea. GameMaker Studio's HTML5 exporter is pretty buggy. If you plan to release for the web you should be testing it on html5 all the time. But of course it's not your fault. That's your natural expectation from an engine that sells HTML5 exporter. But don't wanna be very harsh on them either because in all the engines I've used HTML5 exports had  serious bugs.

But I liked your pathfinding technique. 

I really cannot praise this whole interiors    set enough. The set is so big that sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to work with. Even though files are sorted properly by theme  it still sometimes gets pretty confusing. On the main page I could not see any examples on how to use floor connections. But of course lime_zu did not skip it.   Just find the update where  it was added. Even the work alone on putting the effort to explain the changes in every update is huge and amazing. Thanks again for the update notes as well.

Challenge accepted :)

This set looks lovely. One question. Does the ocean animate? Like waves hitting the beach kind of animation. 

Hey since lime_zu has finished 400 updates now I'm picking up my idle project and this is going to be a great helper tool. Many thanks. 

Great content. Exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't happy with my current UI. I'll replace it with the premium content. I'll post here once I get some screenshots ;)

Great seamless textures for my terrain. You're a mind reader. Sometimes you need simple textures. Finding "simple" on the internet can really be very hard. Many thanks for this.

Great pack. Lovely characters. Do you have any plans making a different pack for portraits of these characters to be used in RPG dialogues?

Lovely pack and great idea to have fast and slow bpms. Slower ones suit nicely in menu music and when you  start the game you switch to faster bpm. Silly game becomes even sillier. Absolutely love it!

Complain to Joel about that :p

And yes it's a GMS2 game.

Hey 3rd room is the outside and it's this way. But first you need to just touch table and notice that there's no birthday cake :)

Hey this was quite good.  Second level was pretty  hard and it's a bit stressful with the time limit. The music reflects the feelings :). Very well done!

I was able to install the game. I needed to use the web interface to download the rar file and then unrar. But if you want other people to play your games you need to  help them too. So a few feedback.

1. Use zip format not rar. Seems like butler cannot process rar files and people may not know that.

2.  Text speed was a bit fast at times I've missed some of them. Should be good if instead of auto-rolling dialogue, user click would change the text. But still I was able to read most of them. I am a slow reader :)

3. The choice of background image, sound and the  effects were great. I felt like I was with a friend in a French café.   Well done!

Join more jams ;)

I could start the game but it just freezes on a blank black screen. I tried twice but it stops at same place.

I also got some errors but refreshed the page a few times then it's gone. Finished the game. One advice.  Why don't you add screenshots and cover picture for your game page. I've checked your other games and they're all empty. You take your time to develop the game but slacking on the presentation. It would not take too much time to add some screenies. You can attract more visitors and players. But other than that  well done finishing the jam!

The cover art is great.  And the mechanics too. I got the logic to get more points but  I  didn't understand how to finish the game. Is that an endless game?

Hey thanks. Glad you finished the game. I was hoping no one would notice the negative headache but hahha I decided to keep it thinking  it should be an Easter egg to detect who actually finished my game. Now I believe you :)

I couldn't make the pistol the work some reason. I'm holding the pistol and I aim but it doesn't fire. So I had to try to dodge the viruses by running unarmed :) I'll try again later if I could get the pistol firing. Well done.

I won. After all those hard games this was easier to play. I like easy games but may be you could add some virus on the way to make it more challenging. I was quickly able to dodge all the viruses on the way. Good luck!

Yeah that was a hard game like everyone else mentioned. Good that I'm not the only one :)

Hey thanks for playing. I'm terrible at story making :)

Hey thanks. Yeah not very informative. It's always easy to underestimate how RPGs can get out of hand especially when writing from scratch.

Brilliant! I loved it. I wish there were more levels but this is a game jam. So I understand that. But definitely don't leave this project as an orphan later on.  If you can, turn it into a mobile game.  Add more levels. This has the potential to be downloaded by many.

The moon is an awesome  detail:)

Angry mobs are too angry :) Very hard to pass that level. But well done.

Nice. Reminds me of Soldat :) I didn't understand the use of green things.  They don't seem to harm, nor give anything. May be  if you add some instructions would be great. Mechanics are awesome.

These are great. Thanks. I really love your style. These tracks would nicely fit in a peaceful/cute/silly/puzzle game.

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This is a great pack. I wanted to use this pack in an open source game.  Not really sure if the licence allows it. Game is open source so it means people can see and download the packs from a public GitHub repo. Or from inside the downloaded Game Maker Studio game. I'll put the link to this page in file.

I have some of your paid assets too but I won't include them in the open source game. I'm only talking about the free assets.