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Probably after this you'll see thousands of indie games made with your tilesets. Big competition but I'll try to make the best one :))

Great companion for modern indoors pack.

Probably the most detailed tileset on whole website. Especially when RPG assets are mostly made for medieval or fantasy worlds this one is unique. And lime_zu takes the label "daily updated" literally. He really keeps updating this everyday. Weekdays, weekends, public holidays.

There is a peaceful village amongst the woods. But it has a curse.   Every 277 days the village  is possessed by demons for 3 days. Knowing this, all villagers leave  their homes for 3 days. Anyone who fails to escape mysteriously gets lost.

I made this game in 8 days for my first game jam. But  there are lots of pre-made or purchased assets. It's mostly story driven and some action as well. Could be played in browser for fast machines. Slower    Windows machines should consider  downloading the Windows installer file.

Any limitation of assets purchased from other places? Or assets need to be original?

Great! Hey do you mind adding some older people? And also people in uniforms. If you have time ;)

This update rocks! All your tilesets are awesome.

Hey thanks I love your modern tiles. Something very rare for RPG. Do you plan to  make a  "modern outdoors" tileset that goes well with this one and the modern interiors? Something like streets, pavements, traffic lights, cars, cafes etc.

I am working on something with your modern tiles. Even though main story is mainly inside, users still need to go outside. Very limited stuff to use out there for anything modern :)

I'm a bit confused. Is it possible to run this independent from Steam? I don't want to use Steam. Are the keys something optional?    I need this standalone.

This is simply the best add on that Game Maker has. I've purchased this on GM2 Marketplace. It's such a shame that Yoyo Games do not have this functionality. It's such an important feature especially if you're working with physics engine and using object collision. Without this you can only work with either square or circle shaped assets. Whole application was a big disappointment for me until I found this tool. Many thanks.