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I don't think it's a big deal really.

1. It's not the actual sprite sheet, it would take more effort in time to steal than earn the money to buy them. People that steal assets are the type of people that make things no one sees or cares about, and are going to find a way to steal it one way or another.

2. You have a record of who's bought it and who hasn't. If someone made any real money off of it, you could get retribution.

3. Seeing as much of what's offered as possible helps buyers. While seeing it in action (AKA a well done preview without the separate components) can both prevent people from nabbing them and show what's possible, seeing all of what's offered is a valid way to show what's available without spending all that time making that preview.

In the end it's up to you what you do. I've purchased your Roboto series and a few others, and think you make great assets, so I know your assets are good, but please do include good and accurate previews of some sort for others. It always sucks buying a pack that the maker put more time into making the preview look good, than making the pack itself, and the pack turns out to be incomplete, or you need to buy all their other assets to do what you see, etc.

Anyway, sorry for the long comment on an old comment. Keep up the good work!!!

It's a neat looking pack, but it's un-purchasable.

Hi, there appears to be no file. Looks cool though

Dang, well I will keep buying any Cool Punk assets if you decide to release more. I've obviously already followed you, and if your other assets are as nice as these(bet they will be), I'll probably grab them too. It's just always nice to have a few packs in a series if trying to make a more serious game. Anyhow, good luck, and if you ever are looking for feedback/suggestions or something, feel free to bug me. I also make 3D games, so I am excited to see any 3D assets you make.

Hi, I believe your paypal account might have an issue. It's been 10 days on one payment I've tried making for this pack and it's still stuck in pending. My other purchases on the site and uses for paypal seem to work without issue.

When you released the first pack, it sounded like you already had this one planned. Can I ask what the current plans for the series might be?

Love the vigor you're putting into this series lately!!

Always nice to be in the pack too, but the page should be good enough! Excellent pack, price, and license. I'll be back with a donation if I make something with it :)

5 Stars! Could you add a license please?

Hi, I was just wondering how development was progressing? Such a cool pack.

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Hi, can I purchase your GDevelop templates to use the assets in a different engine other than GDevelop? Or is there a way to just buy the assets I'm not seeing? Thanks!

*Edit: Looks like they are available as just assets.

Thank you!! High quality + PWYW + CC0 would get you 6 stars if I could give it. If I ever make something legit from your assets, I'll be back to donate accordingly(I have already purchased your couple of paid packs, so I'm not a total mooch haha).

5 Stars!

Hell yeah!! I love all your packs. Can I ask what differences this has from the mini world tiles? I know those are mostly just single colors, and these appear to have detail.

Cool, let me know when it's up and I'll join.

Have you considered maybe starting a Discord server for your assets and/or this series? Great way to get suggestions/feedback and showcase stuff in the works.

I actually spent a few hours with the assets in Godot. My initial suggestions would be: 

  • a couple of attack animations for the player
  • "Sign of the horns" gesture(if you can pull that off with so few pixels)

Love the style and looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I can provide more suggestions if you want them. Like an enemy that violently vomits as its attack seems pretty punk to me. Or small stuff like bottom grass corners:

I'll probably wait for the expansions before I try to make something with these, but I made a small donation to help further development :)

Wow, that was so fast! I only posted the question 4 minutes ago. Thanks so much, I'm buying it now.

Hi, I'm interested in buying this asset. I already own all your other assets or I'd buy the complete pack. There's no buy button on this page at the moment though. I looked at your other assets and they still have purchase options. Is it still possible to purchase this asset individually?

Thanks, I just updated. Fingers crossed!

Just firefox and browsing the site as I assume a normal person would. No one else on the network uses itch(it's a house with a private router). I usually go to the homepage, then to my feed. After about the second asset I click is when the rate limit errors start showing up. I do usually actually download the assets from the app. I totally get why you have the rate limits, but I really shouldn't be doing anything to trigger them.

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I don't know if others experience this issue, but I can barely use the site because of the constant 429 errors when browsing. I can look at maybe 2 assets before I get bombarded with 429 errors. I don't need any large amount of requests to the site, just enough I can actually use it. I think it's unreasonable that I have to basically wait like 3-5 min. for every page I want to visit. It's not like I'm looking at hundreds of assets a day or anything either. I normally look at a small handful, usually grabbing updates and checking out a couple of new releases.

*Edit: One of the latest updates to the itch app fixed this issue.

*Edit 2: Nevermind, it's definitely still an issue

*Edit 3: It's the app. Closing out of it completely fixes the issue

I see, the Rogue.7z was unlocked I guess and wasn't before. Thanks for clearing that up.

The sale price shouldn't have been 1$ then, because it didn't unlock anything

You mean pixel studio uses these assets. Pixel studio was released in 2020 according to steam and this was released in 2019. This is also a revamped version of a pack this artist released in 2017. So you have no idea what you're talking about.

Why does it say it's on sale for $1 though?

Hi, I saw this was "on sale" for $1.00 and purchased it. There's nothing a dollar unlocks that isn't already free. I can't find a support email or I wouldn't bother you in the comments.

Looking closer, it does list other minimums below that, which is conflicting. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Haha, yeah it was free until recently. I was sad to see that change, but I mean.. artists gotta eat and the pack is def still worth it.

Whoooooo!!!!!!!! Updates!!!

They linked this license: so it does look like you can go commercial with it.

Hi, I like it! Can I ask what license you're releasing it under?

You rock and your music rocks!

Super neat!!! Would you be so kind as to include a license type?

I mean, they have what might be the most popular pack on itch. I don't know how much more love itch has than that.

There's also this tool:

and a bunch of links here with more artwork in the style:

if you haven't seen these already

You got it flipped, this dude is the OG of the style. Not that analog studios isn't absolutely amazing as well.

Way too cool of you to make this free and CC0. I donated a couple of bucks as a thank you.

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I got stuck on this too. Even if it's no longer relevant to you, if anyone else has this problem, apply the texture Props_02_diffuse from the textures folder to the items in the equipment folder.

 Edit: I looked at the provided photos and that's not the correct coloring, it just looked ok on a couple of the melee items. It's better than nothing, but that's not the answer.

I got lucky in figuring that out and I feel like that could have taken a long time to figure out, or might have required me to re-texture all the equipment items if I couldn't figure it out Hope to see that fixed in an update, otherwise it's a cool pack. At least from what I've seen so far. I did purchase the mid tier or I wouldn't be complaining stuff isn't 100% textured. Everything else I looked at seems textured correctly.