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Bug reports Sticky

A topic by Le Capitaine created Aug 17, 2018 Views: 616 Replies: 45
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Report bugs here.

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So I found this while playing on the mobile version. Not sure if it's still on Ep1. Even then it's a minor problem probably.

Edit: The low FPS is probably because of the recorder I used to get this video.

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Here's another one walk-through-the-wall moment. I think it happens every time while you get close to the wall and use "spinning" ground trick

Developer (2 edits)

^^ Yup, that's a, uh, "feature" of my old-slash-actually-not-so-old movement code, with a side helping of low FPS Unity shenanigans. I've changed up the code recently, but not with that bug in mind, so there's a high chance it's still in there. I'll see to it.

^ Now this is new. Hang on while I see if I can reproduce it in E1.

e: puY, still in there. Fixing.


Fix is up.

2:17:31 -  I guess the game have froze when I stepped on trigger but not sure yet.

18:07 - insane grind bug, everytime I'm grinding in this place. Never happened before in betas & pilot episode.
23:55 - KS are going crazy. Happens most of the time you moving outside->underground->back to the town.


2:17:31 I don't think is a freeze, this is something to do with the menu system. When you click outside of one of the icons, all the icons get deselected and can't be navigated back to with the gamepad. It's a game-wide issue. Fix coming up.

18:07 I've just found the cause of. Fix is done.

I've redone the KS. No word on whether this'll stop happening.

Nothing is up yet. Currently trying my hand at re-baking the lightmap so you get it working properly.

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For some reason you can stand on pic related. 

yes everytime i post here i'll ask for my free version :^)


I'm keeping this for style. :v

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Drat, it seems I can't PM you on Patreon.

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When you try to wallride, sometimes you go in the opposite direction. *vid kinda related*

I couldn't really capture footage of me doing that.

Edit 2: It happened to me once or twice though, i'll try to replicate it on PC


This is intentional. Wallride direction depends equally on your current velocity and the direction you're pushing towards, the latter of which can get quite fuzzy on touchscreen.

I see. Thanks for clearing that out.

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1) Is it just me, but i can't find and clear the last graffity spot. Is it a game bug? I can proove it with my save file, but don't know the location.
2) Every time you die, the game continues from the last save. And you can save in any moment from the missions menu. What the point in this annoying manual saving?  Why not to do an automatic saving, everybody gonna save everytime  after every mission. Or it's just a reference to early 6gen console games, when there was no automatic saving?

Developer (1 edit)

Saving causes a little lag, which is why I used a menu to hide it. I figured I could have some punishment for dying, but I could easily add autosaving upon death.

For the graffiti spot, I think I'll add a spot counter in the missions menu to see if it's a bug.

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Still I can't find the last spot. I'll try to begin a new savefile later.

Developer (1 edit)

If you've cleared all missions and the game tells you you've got all clear points, then it's officially a bug.

I know what vids 1 and 2 are. Unity has trouble putting sprites this close to meshes. I'm using sprites because I couldn't get proper decals to work. Vid 3 is to do with the boundary collision mesh, I'll see what I can do about that. Vids 4 and 5 are just waypoint goofiness and should be much easier to fix.

Developer (1 edit)

Update. Turned out 1 and and 2 were something else entirely: render order hijinks. The bug is fixed.


Fix is up.

-Just today I realised that you can't skip cutscenes on keyboard. 

-Is it just me, I guess right analog deadzones' settings are too sensitive. Game camera slowly goes to the left itself whyle the stick in center. Of course my xbox 360 is 5 years old, maybe the analog sticks began to work less accurately. I tested several different games and none of them have the same issue unlike butterflies.

-I prefer to play this game on keyboard(it's more comfortable to repeatedly hit acceleration button on keyboard than controller's trigger), everytime when I need to turn the camera, I need to switch back to gamepad. Mouse camera is too slow, uncomfortable and almost unplayable.


Unplayable is the word. This mouse business is a longstanding bug. It works fine in the editor and I have less than no idea what causes it. The rest I'll take care of.

One more thing I forgot to ask. Is there any oportunity to do camera controls on keyboard?


Can be done, but might get counter-intuitive.

Looks like the camera now is broken. It badly follows the player.

I don't know is this a bugs:

-Music player is playing music not so random. Some tracks playing too oftenly(meaveena for example).

-The car boss is too easy to beat, can't damage you at all.

-first time you die after starting a new game, after you hit "retry" button, the game starts from the beginning, not from the last time you saved. In order to make game save working, you need to go to the main menu, then load the campaign.


Second and third are definitely bugs. Will look into it.

Oh man, I forgot this one. As you can see on the video, I can't find the last graffity spot. Maybe it's so hardly hidden and I just can't find it? If not, so that's a definitely the bug!

Developer (1 edit)

It's possible I made a spot invisible or inaccessible without noticing. I'll see.

e: Just checked all the spots. They're all accessible. There's a possibility you fell victim to a rare bug where a level 1 graffiti doesn't register as done.

I've completed the game 2 two times.

Developer (1 edit)

I found the bug. There are in fact 126 graffiti spots, one is counted twice because it's made up of two linked spots. I know exactly which one it is, too.

e: Fix is up.

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Once again I forgot about the obvious bug. You can't navigate missions on keyboard/mouse. I mean scrolling the missions list

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I don't know if this a bug or you just cut out the "thinking hat" from the game? And what about  -無- -MU- and Stark Raving Raving? Are they abandoned, still in development or we're gonna get it later in ep2? 

Can't skip this message on keyboard/mouse.
Intro and ending cutscenes plays music even if you turn the volume off in the main menu.


All of those are intentional, save for the ending bug. I did cut all three songs, I couldn't make SRR sound good and didn't feel the other two fit.


Forgot to put it in the changelog, but the ending bug is fixed.

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You can no longer select zinnie and jae in adventure mode. Is that a bug or it's desined that way?


Definitely a bug. Looking into it.

0:16:37 first I start a mission and sprayed some cameras. When my health bar went low, I decided to replay it next time. 
0:18:16 you can't respray already defeated cameras. The one and only fix is to restart level.

0:36:45 KS can't walk properly in this area, invisible barriers 

Everytime I want to change the character in adventure mode, I go to the main menu -> then back to the game. I spawning near the "observatory's" door and switch the character. Why not to make character switching by ingame menu. You just choosing the character and spawns at the beginning of the level.

Intro and Ending cutscenes music bug. If you push "back(right alt)(music skip button)" you can listen 2 tracks at the same time.

Developer (1 edit)

I'm keeping the character switch point system (JSRF represent), but everything else should be fixed.

(1 edit)

Tutorial's dashing info do not represent actual controls. Plus, you need to add info about how to skip tracks and volume options.
-after switching character mouse cursor pops up on the center of screen.

Having some issues with the Linux build :(

* in the tutorial there's a lot of screen tearing and the player character texture is nearly jet black all over. Things look more like they're supposed to in adventure mode

* nothing happens when I try to go into tag mode by pressing LT on my xbox360 pad

* at 2560x1080 fullscreen the bottom of the screen looks cut off, like it's vertically centering a picture with normal aspect ratio instead of adjusting the AR appropriately

hopefully these are easy to fix! The world needs more JSR!


Unfortunately I haven't got a powerful enough Linux machine to test on, but I'll have the opportunity on Tuesday via my local library. The graphical glitch is the most worrying; the other twoI think I know the causes of. I don't know how up-to-date that is, but I remember bindings being different for the 360 controller across platforms; I seem to remember the x86 executable brings up a settings window where you can rebind. The cutting off isn't *intentional* per se, but I have the interface scale at the halfway point between horizontal and vertical; very wide resolutions will come with these sorts of issues.

I haven't had a ton of time to sit down with the game but I did get that remapped and could tag stuff, and running windowed at a standard aspect ratio gets around the cutoff. Thanks!

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The inputs for the x axis on the right analog stick on my controller are inverted, and I can't seem to do anything to change it.

[Edit (I've just recognized that what I said in the original post doesn't really help the developers)]

Please implement either a way to set up the analog sticks' axis on a plus and minus side (like you can do with keyboard bindings), or an option to invert individual analog sticks' axis in the options menu to fix this problem.

Thank you for your attention.


Believe it or not, that's intentional, mirroring older 3D platformers where you controlled the camera instead of the view. But yes, I think I'll add the option to invert camera axes sometime down the line, since this isn't the first time I'm getting that feedback.

Having a number of issues with controller (DS4 rev2, wired, Win10.)

- I need to *hold* Pause (Options) to keep the menu open, as soon as I let go it disappears.
- Deadzone on left stick is nonexistent/too small. Didn't spot a way to change it.
- Can't seem to control my skating. I often get  stuck veering to the left or right. Generally only when I have some speed, but it's also nearly impossible to exit the halfpipe in the tutorial. I can regain a little bit of control by rotating the camera to the direction I want to face. No air control either.
- The boost + turn combination doesn't affect the camera, but rather does both boost and turn.
- I haven't observed tapping back to do anything. Drift, was it? Nothing like that is happening.

It feels like there's something weird going on with the polling. Camera control seems fine, but everything else is showing problems. That could be a clue, or a red herring. IIRC this controller is running at a higher rate than usual, so that could be the cause. I don't have problems with any other games though.

One thing I noticed was letting the left stick centre when changing direction seemed to help a bit. Not enough to make it playable, but I wonder... if it's only seeing changes that correspond in a change from centre, that could account for the behaviour. Weird that the camera doesn't have these issues though, unless it's being handled differently?


Yo. This new input system will probably be the death of me.

I know for sure I kind of removed explicit DualShock support. I say kind of because in the editor, my XB1 controller was recognised as both XInput and generic at the same time, leading to incorrect behaviour, so I removed explicit references to XInput and DualShock assuming the same would happen for the latter. I'll have to get it all checked out in the newer versions of Unity where the input system is in its stable release.

I also made a mistake in the tutorial, I absentmindedly wrote "Dash + Trick" when it's in fact Dash + Tag to recenter the camera (which should correspond to L2+R2).

Oh, yeah I can see how that could cause the issues I'm seeing. I really don't envy you for having the task of debugging support for all these different input devices.